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  1. Leo.

    not when you just build a big ass tower and snipe kids and AA them leaving trader :p eventually people try to raid and you get alot of fun fights..
  2. Leo.

    no hard feelings mate x
  3. Leo.

    thanks man just got farcry 5 and then the new dawn game (dlc) also
  4. Leo.

    well most of you dont really know me but i played on the server quite a bit and recently when i was playing exile almost everyday with a big group i used a public script injector sadly and ofcourse it resulted in global ban on my main acc of 5400 hours on arma, it was a dumb idea to try to risk something like that over base parts on exile.... but i obviously should be punished for that and the staff @MAV found my old account and procced to ask me to come into teampseak and talk about some clip a player sent in of me.. which resulted and me telling him what happen and i was not going to argue the fact of the matter is i made a mistake and not im pretty much banished from alot of very good communites... goodbye to all my friends i had here and sorry to all my enemies.
  5. Leo.

    What did they do?
  6. Leo.

    Hello my fellow gamers names Leo been around a bit before and just getting back into Olympus See you lads around on S1
  7. Leo.

    thats a god damn battle pass on fortnight buster !
  8. Leo.

  9. Leo.

    my love?

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