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  1. Yeah I can see him having a good chance at winning. He just needs to be careful with Conor's left hook and not rush in as he usually does. If the round goes past the third, I am sure that Khabib will win.
  2. Sorry, I already gave it away. I am subscribed to Humble Bundle but had already purchased the game beforehand. Every month you get a bundle of games including one large title averaging at $200 MSRP for a $12 subscription price. I would definitely recommend it since you get to build up your steam library, and there are a lot of good deals. Here is the link to this month's Humble Monthly: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly/p/september_2018_monthly The MSRP for it was $222 and it includes some pretty good titles
  3. Sorry everyone, but the code has already been given out. Short but fun contest though!
  4. Hello, if anyone is interested in a free copy of Overwatch then reply to this post and I will send you a link to the gift. The game was this month's Humble monthly subscription but I already have it and none of my other friends want it either. Whoever responds first will receive a PM with the code.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I donated before he was server owner so it makes sense.
  6. Do these rewards count indefinitely in our time spent on the server? I have previously donated over $20 but am not aware of the $15 donation award. Perhaps this was implemented after my donation?
  7. The whole card in itself is amazing. The UFC will experience many changes depending on the outcome of these fights. As I said, I do not mind who wins but I think that people are greatly underestimating Conor at an embarrassing level. Vegas odds are reasonable but I do not see how people claim Khabib will "maul" Conor and it will be that one-sided. Even though he took a two year break period after the Mayweather fight, it is not as if he stopped training. More importantly, people are not acknowledging his adaptability to fighting and amazing fight IQ. Conor has always improved upon previous fights and planned ahead based on his opponents' fighting style. An example of this would be his fight against Jose Aldo where he pre-planned the punch that would knock him out.
  8. Yeah, I feel pretty much the same when it comes to Khabib's fights. Personally, I think that if Khabib were to win the UFC would just lose a major selling point unless they have a rematch planned. He is just not as big when it comes to bringing in new fans to the sport. Sure, that may be a highly biased and "casual" opinion, but if Conor wins, it will only bring in more viewers to watch his fights.
  9. Hey everyone, I am a relatively new fan in the UFC and have been watching for a little over a year now. I was interested in people's opinions on who they think is most likely to win between Conor vs Khabib. Regardless of who wins, I think it is going to be a great fight and worth the PPV ticket.
  10. Looking for a house in DP 23/24. Message me with prices.
  11. take some melatonin and jerk off before bed. works every time.
  12. I took this as a serious comment and was disappointed
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