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  1. https://gyazo.com/8d651c978d73fe943baf60d2dcffedd2
  2. https://gyazo.com/b202422686fc58648e18d91765d9f48b friend owns the other half of the houses. let's start at a small 100m
  3. 1. When PTS (Permission To Speak) is active, do not speak unless you ask for permission.
  4. thanks for sending me your bookmarked video
  5. asking who i am on my own post, you're absolutely delusional. wtf does noble even have to do with anything. you respond to any post regarding prism and you're a fan bringing up shit that none of the current members are even aware of. tf is "moonshine scraps" ?
  6. i don't know if you're actually brain dead or something, but it's a fucking meme. i sure as hell know that the "gamers rise up" gang isn't on top of anything except prism's dick. fuck off and go be retarded somewhere else, fan
  7. bro, you're crazy if you think anybody is reading any of this shit. get tf off my post and pls go suck someone else's dick
  8. this mf is dyslexic, don't worry about him
  9. yeah, i got removed. thank god bro, i was about to lose my rank from inactivity, anyways. FUCK 12
  10. i fight s2. https://gyazo.com/a96f0b4b170c954ad6403f499dd87972 rent free
  11. inconceivable--no way people actually play any other game except arma nobody told you we're fighting rn, dumbass
  12. bro, i don't even know you. pls stfu and stop sending your bitch into our discord.
  13. so play on a server where people actually contest. i'll be on s2
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