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  1. J O E

    maybe start doing events that eu people can play in...
  2. so uhhh can we start doing events during a sociable time for us eu players, not really fair how I cant participate since they are usually held at like 2am for me...

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    2. Corps


      1 minute ago, Grego said:


      Hello gregman 

    3. J O E

      J O E

      1 hour ago, Corps said:

      Not trying to pick a fight here but, you asking us to work on your schedule is not gonna work. You’re asking us to host events at a reasonable time. 5pm EU is about 9am US PST. People have to work and aren’t able to get on early like that all the time

      10pm uk would be 5pm est, im sure theres plenty of admins that don't have a life and would be on at 5pm at their time.

    4. Corps


      I’m sure you saying that makes them 10x more likely to do events :bruh:

  3. J O E

    Have 2x2 craters in dp23 on server 1 looking to sell. Can be sold at the same time or separately depending on the offer Reply to this post or pm me a message on the forums for more info
  4. J O E

    make it modded blicky
  5. J O E

    So we get to vote who gets it or is it just going to be another friend circle
  6. J O E

    Do modded survival
  7. My heart goes out to this man

    1. mon5t3r


      SoUnDs LiKe Me WhEn I gEt RdM'd

  8. J O E

    Update the server now?
  9. J O E

    New ram too or did you already have ddr4
  10. J O E

    Hope your gonna get a new motherboard and ram since I'd imagine it will be a different chip set which only supports ddr4
  11. Congrats to the 700lbs beast @Airborne

  12. Can someone link me the vid of the we got a warrant out for your arrest guy. Need cheering up 

  13. Tfw when a post was about to be a straight roast fest get closed

  14. J O E

    Don't trust just tried to buy a 6.5 suppressor and as he got my money he alt f4.

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