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  1. This server blows dick, has since Mcdili sold it and Peter pimped it for profit. 

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    2. Ryan


      @Seth M. Unless someone isnt speaking up about it, ive got no reports of a rage ban in months. The last person that did rage ban got removed.

      I also speak to maybe 3 out of the 18 staff members on a daily basis. Not sure how right now its considered a popularity contest, considering the people we have accepted recently were outside of these "friend groups". I might agree with you if this was Pre September/October but ever since then ive made sure to change that. Not sure how often you login to see that but yeah...

      Standards as of recent are pretty high, aka why we havent really been accepting new staff that often unless we absolutely need more.

    3. Seth M.

      Seth M.

      @Ryan Well, I hope that's true. I've been gone for a little under a year so I haven't seen any change since I haven't been here to see it. 

      But, I do still see people on the staff team that me and my gang had genuine issues with about what I'm speaking on. @ChrisGG @Kamikaze @etc.

      Oh and can't forget King Brownnose @ThatNerdyGuy


      That being said, people change and I know that I hated @Outcast for a while cause of similar reasons and then he changed or maybe I realized he wasn't a bad dude so.

    4. Ryan


      Ah yeah. Kami got removed, and a few months later the new staff team wanted to give him another chance.

      As for Chris, not sure what beef yall got there.

      Nerdy is currently one of the most active and hardest working ones we got, so I cant knock that guy.

      Outcast, yeah hes a shitter 😛 

  2. What happened with ATMs?

    1. i chop hatchbacks

      i chop hatchbacks

      if you slam an atm with a truck it jsut starts spewing millions out 

    2. Mighty
  3. @SchwiFTy Happy birthday faglord

    1. SchwiFTy


      Thank you, 6letters

  4. Don't forget that staff is full of egotistic retards, that's why I quit.
  5. So if I have e-sex with the Chief of Police does that mean that I can get dep chief too?

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    2. Raquese


      Bit of a dead meme at this point

    3. Strikke


      6 hours ago, Fake Grandma said:

      Im big homo for seth

      wtf Grandma.

    4. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

           |/| /¯)
         / ,^./\
        / /   \/\
       / /     \/\
      ( (       )/)
      | |       |/|
      | |       |/|
      | |       |/|
      ( (       )/)
       \ \     / /
        \ `---' /


  6. Wait, APD is getting blackfoots? They aren't armed right? What's the point in a blackfoot if it isn't armed....
  7. After how long would the civs be considered "not intending to leave"?
  8. @Hylos Congrats! (give me Armed Hurons)

  9. Here in Cali I'm pretty sure they don't make you parallel park but idk about NJ
  10. @Hadi Mokdad @Hylos





  11. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113994515/
  12. Hey can you remove the rule against racism? Thanks <3
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