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  1. JollyGreen

    1 way trip to Dallas Texas
  2. cost on a prowler? cost on a prowler?
  3. JollyGreen

    1 mill for s1 Kavala PD house.
  4. JollyGreen

    Is your "." key broken and or missing?
  5. Is there an asking price on the Huron?
  6. JollyGreen

    Your in luck. They're exactly 200k.
  7. JollyGreen

    @Prime You laugh at my range finder hoarding until they take them away again. Who will be laughing then? I'll tell you who. Me, two years later when I finally realize I'm too scared to take them out and lose them so they just sit in a house until I'm broke enough to sell them. Wait that sounds kind of sad and relevant.
  8. JollyGreen

    I've had this house full of random shit I've hoarded since 2015. It was 10 full cartel fighting load outs from back in the day when i was active. I want 900k per pair unless someone's willing to take them all at once. I'm happy to have an admin verify them as long as your willing to find one willing to do so! 2 have sold there are 8 left.
  9. JollyGreen

    Selling Pilot covs that have been sitting in my house for years. Post offers. https://gyazo.com/99de23abe6f3743c0d5d9d2dfea5c456
  10. JollyGreen

    I have 10 sets of Pilot coveralls. I'll sell them at 800k ea.
  11. JollyGreen

    sen·tence noun 1. a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses. Please see above and try again.
  12. Selling 12 Pilot Coveralls.... https://gyazo.com/99de23abe6f3743c0d5d9d2dfea5c456
  13. JollyGreen

    For 2 Mx's and a PO uniform? If you pay more then 400k for that then you need to get your head examined. Also. This was over a month ago. Who comments something so boring on a month old market place offer. Reevaluate your life choices man.
  14. JollyGreen

    400k for it all if you can provide screen shots.
  15. JollyGreen

    Are the .50 cal type 115 mags still for sale? If so I'll pay 60k ea on them.

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