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  1. I really like all of these ideas but I think 25k is too much for a respawn on cop. I think deputy should be 5k and PO+ 10k. This is enough money that spam rushing every respawn would be discouraged but not too much money to discourage cops from trying to enter difficult scenarios from the start. If every time you die it costs you 25k most cops would just give up as soon as a situation looked bad. 10k should be enough to make the average cop not throw their life away needlessly but not too much that people would give up at the first sign of defeat.
  2. This has been going on for a while.
  3. I'll go 1.71 on it
  4. You know you've made a friend when they follow you and down-vote every post you've made. https://gyazo.com/3aac5d55b274661f19f97771ec44cf47
  5. @Ryan I know almost nothing about you but you brought down votes back. You now have my full support.
  6. I completely agree with Zahzi's point. Our engagements are just going to get even longer to contain all our names now. How can they possibly hope to read a long ass list of demands, then a list of names, and make an informed decision about what they want to do. If you are clearly engaging for a clearly tagged group of individuals there is no reason to have to list every name. Its harder for the person receiving it then it is for the sender.
  7. This suggestion is probably going to be your best long term option to acquire wealth but requires a decent house purchase to do so. If you are currently poor this could take a little time to acquire so I would recommenced a second option to get you to this point. Every time you sign on or die the first thing you should do is to get a Bergen and do a backpack / Orca load of meth. Its a quick 250-350k for a 20 minute run that has little risk. Copilot land it at meth pro to keep it spooled up and stand outside next to it while processing. If you see or hear anything hop in and take off without hesitation. Don't take risks making your money until you've got enough that it doesn't matter (3,000,000+). If you're paying attention and scout the area before landing you should have a VERY low failure rate and should make enough to afford a house within a few days.
  8. Next time just throw a smoke at it or shoot it once and it will fall.
  9. This is literally terrible.
  10. The cheapest upgrade you can try is switching to a SSD (if you already do not have one). Other then that your only option to address this issue would be to upgrade a good portion of your rig. You can find some great guides on youtube to build a budget PC using old server gear or other random shit you can find used. These make for great short term solutions to get the most bang for your buck but you'll end up in this same situation in another 1-2 years. As far as compatibility you should start entering shit on https://pcpartpicker.com/. This should weed out 95-99% of potential issues you could have when building a new PC.
  11. Bring @Gonzo back and he will level out the rest of the federal statistics for you. This man can be the one step fix to the growing disparity in the federal event statistics. Someone just needs to buy him a house near the fed and BW and he can have this issue solved within the week.
  12. Can I get my pocket admin to comp me for having to read this idiots posts? I feel like this level of stupid should be considered assault and he most certainly did not engage me before posting this. Before I get into how easy it is to make money I want to remind you that you DO NOT PAY THE ADMINS. You are not purchasing a service and are not entitled to any level of compensation on any set time frame. These people volunteer their time to try to give you a positive experience on the server and do their best to remedy it when something goes wrong. Your posts reek of a level of entitlement that is honestly astonishing. If you feel like they are not doing a good enough job getting to these tickets then why don't you volunteer your time? Apply to the support team, answer support questions, work your way through the support ranks, and make a difference if you see such a big problem. Do all that and go watch someone else bitch about how long it takes you to get to the several hundred tickets while your trying to keep the server running smoothly and lets see what you think about the response times. Alternatively why don't you go make some money instead of sitting on the forums whining. You can easily make 3-4 million in your first 5 hours of play on the server WITH NO ASSISTANCE if you have a brain. I started fresh with the default 50k and signed off 5 hours later with just over 4 million. People will whine and say that they can't but I can personally assure you that it is possible because I have done it. If you actually have a brain its really not hard.
  13. I think they implemented a new system to keep you Irish cunts off the server. Something about too many helicopter explosions. You should probably just go back to Animal Royal you green fuck.
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