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  1. I've completed a two man jail using only car-95s. The jail is not hard to do. Just stack a bunch of cars on the bridge and make sure they don't heli in before anti-air is up you win.
  2. This is the lamest thing I've seen in awhile.
  3. Give me free stuff and I'll mail Prime my used underwear.
  4. Honestly, I don't know why anyone has been patiently entertaining your whining to the extent that they have. It sounds like you can't tell the difference between the color red and white and are trying to get a rule change because of that. If some of them are in a gang at war with you and some are not while sharing tags then simply shoot one whos name is red then kill everyone else with the same tag after. People with friends from other gangs will always run around with each other when their gang is offline and they share tags so they can play as a cohesive group. I'm sorry if you do not have enough friends to experience something like this but to change a rule to prevent this would not make any sense. It would not only discourage people from making new friends on the server but dramatically limit your ability to defend yourself or your friends on the fly unless you exclusively hung out with your gang. I cannot think of a single situation where this rule would be useful or a necessary change short every player on the server spontaneously being struck with a plague of color blindness. TLDR: Stop crying to the big daddy admins to change things that are well within your power to work around and pay a little more attention to your own game-play instead.
  5. As much as I love the option to repair it 1.5 million seems a little steep for what you're getting. Something in the 750k - 1 million range seems much more reasonable for a single repair. While this may be a great money sink for the more well established gangs it leaves everyone else in more or less the same place as they were before the repair option was added. I could single handled troll an entire gang of less established players who irritated me for a week or more and there really is nothing they could do about it at these costs. If you are set on this price could you consider the option of making it unlimited repairs for that server cycle or 1.5 million for X repairs (like 2-3). I definitely understand the idea behind there being actual consequences/costs with allowing your shed to get blown up but this just feels like punishing the poor. A gang shed is already a very large investment for a newer or smaller gang and this cost on top of it just really isn't feasible for most people. I mean there are only 9 gangs on the server with more than 50 mill in their gang funds.
  6. While I do think posts like this are fairly cringy I think it's pretty stupid how much hate this has drawn. If you guys want more active people playing on the server then flaming them on the forums is not the way to encourage that, regardless of how silly their post is. They are proud that they have been active/around for a little while now and want to celebrate that. If anyone who flamed them on this post complains about activity or lack of growth on the server in the past or next few months then it is my personal opinion that you're a hypocritical asshat.
  7. Honestly, this has completely blown my mind. I don't know if I'm just the Michael Jordan of wiping my own ass but this has never been a problem for me in my 27 years of life. I never even considered that this was an issue people had to be worried about. You people need to practice shitting or something.
  8. I really like all of these ideas but I think 25k is too much for a respawn on cop. I think deputy should be 5k and PO+ 10k. This is enough money that spam rushing every respawn would be discouraged but not too much money to discourage cops from trying to enter difficult scenarios from the start. If every time you die it costs you 25k most cops would just give up as soon as a situation looked bad. 10k should be enough to make the average cop not throw their life away needlessly but not too much that people would give up at the first sign of defeat.
  9. This has been going on for a while.
  10. You know you've made a friend when they follow you and down-vote every post you've made. https://gyazo.com/3aac5d55b274661f19f97771ec44cf47
  11. @Ryan I know almost nothing about you but you brought down votes back. You now have my full support.
  12. I completely agree with Zahzi's point. Our engagements are just going to get even longer to contain all our names now. How can they possibly hope to read a long ass list of demands, then a list of names, and make an informed decision about what they want to do. If you are clearly engaging for a clearly tagged group of individuals there is no reason to have to list every name. Its harder for the person receiving it then it is for the sender.
  13. This suggestion is probably going to be your best long term option to acquire wealth but requires a decent house purchase to do so. If you are currently poor this could take a little time to acquire so I would recommenced a second option to get you to this point. Every time you sign on or die the first thing you should do is to get a Bergen and do a backpack / Orca load of meth. Its a quick 250-350k for a 20 minute run that has little risk. Copilot land it at meth pro to keep it spooled up and stand outside next to it while processing. If you see or hear anything hop in and take off without hesitation. Don't take risks making your money until you've got enough that it doesn't matter (3,000,000+). If you're paying attention and scout the area before landing you should have a VERY low failure rate and should make enough to afford a house within a few days.
  14. Next time just throw a smoke at it or shoot it once and it will fall.
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