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  1. 7886dc0f718adfb42257722f42494f9c.png

    1. Dante


      Shit you right.. they did give you CPL :P

    2. L3SL13


      Feed your kids please Thanks

    3. Dante


      Well. I have one kid. And she healthy as fuck. Thanks for the original jokes tho ;D

  2. What type of Computer desks do you guys have??

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. DeadPooL
    3. Slumberjack


      Huge ass long ass wooden desk that spans a whole wall in my room so I can get all my stuff in a beautiful spacious manner with no clutter!

    4. obeymatt


      55 minutes ago, DeadPoll said:



      Keep in mind deadpool is a virgin 

  3. Congrats you fucking Turd @Fushigi

  4. grew up knowing this guy check him out 

  5. Oh so I got Ark. but it just looks cheesy idk why


    Graphics card: 1070

    16 gb ram

    plz help

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Bahamut


      i put alot of hours into it, you get used to the graphics. the only time it gets bad is when you have a ton of dinos but turning off name plates gets ya good

    3. Ignis


      4 hours ago, rapidaax said:

      return it while u still can

      Real shit return it

    4. Apathy


      Its fun if you have people to play with 

  6. L3SL13

    Nice playing with ya. Good friend. Sorry that IT had to ruin your fun stay safe lil nibba.
  7. Would've congratulated earlier but been asleep since I got home from school till now. Gratz hurridick @Hurricane

  8. You didn't have enough time for that to happen to you
  9. bring back tanoa server

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    2. NoahX43


      I loved Tania so much

    3. L3SL13


      Well altis is getting boring pretty sure some of us are..

    4. NoahX43


      I would love something new. Petition :D 

  10. Alright bravo squad lets get squad of the week. Team ASSEMBLE:dejaywink: @OutCast  @ChrisGG @Ryan @Edge @Sandman

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    2. L3SL13


      Woah Ryan no need to come at him like thT:thinking-face_1f914:

    3. Ryan


      Who said I was talking about 1 specific person :thinking-face_1f914:

    4. L3SL13


      Toxicity is at a high today:thinking-face_1f914:


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