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  1. Damn he still got it:angry: kappa. Congrats @Last :dejaywink:

  2. Who is @Ethan Klein but grats on deputy bro you will do big things:dejaywink:

  3. Are we going in leslie or code 3?? :bender-dance: @Last @Xeltini @Viper @G.O.A.T 

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    2. Xeltini


      Always going in leslie :ph34r:

    3. Ryan


      When he doesn’t @ me, gonna go rope myself now thanks 

    4. Last
  4. I didn't even say anything to anyone and automatically turns toxic
  5. Honestly just should make a community decision and have the bunk bed warriors exiled. @McDili @Grandma Gary @Peter Long Anyone one that thinks we should do this like this post<3
  6. @Proud don't test your luck on the forums again
  7. Have to take SAT's in a month and I'm actually nervous. :peterscream:

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    2. KrispyK


      little ceasers! free pizza!


    3. DashTonic


      Fuck little ceasers make my dominos pizza

    4. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Fuck chain pizza places. Work at the local pizza place and make me a local pizza. 

  8. Grats on corporal @Shepard

  9. Anyone tryin to play some fort?


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