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  1. Happy Fathers Day @Tman15tmb!!

  2. Ohhhh meh gawd. Uninstalled so much stuff, cleaned out all the dust in my computer, scanned so many times, reinstalled other things, updated more things, uninstalled and reinstalled again and again, and spent a shit ton of hours and FINALLY got Rocket League running again!!! :D But now the question is, will it work on CS and GMod???

  3. xd

    Ya should crop Ryan out on the right side so you have an even number of em
  4. That awkward moment when you find out War Thunder accepts SubWay Gift Cards for some reason...


  5. They dont demote people for no reason...
  6. @GoodDustin

    Happy Birthday ya lil shit ;P


  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousConfidentTubersSaltBae

    Hacker brought back some memories of what Kavala was always like pre-wipe

  8. Get out your popcorn boys, the show is about to start :Kappa:

  9. No donor sticker?????????????? Wow, you just hate everyone, don't you. Gimme your kidney *Moistens lips*
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/noxxid3

    Charity stream has started, come check it out!! :D

  11. 0Ch7Rxk.png

    Dafuq is this shit???????? He has my kidney, I demand he be removed from staff until I get my kidney back!!!

    Jk, congrats @Isaac Newton and @goodman (Thanks Fedot, ya broke his tag) on Badmin :Kappa::Kappa::Kappa:

  12. I have a problem, I keep going to different streams then cheering so the bot says "Bill Nye The Science Guy!!! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!"

    It's beginning to become an obsession at this point

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    2. DeadPool1337


      @Poseidon wtf did I just watch?

    3. JBruesch



      I was kinda scared, but then Bill came back and once I saw him, he comforted me



      @Poseidon just scarred me for life.

  13. If I'm thinkin of the right one, the RPG-17. The aloha snackbar one
  14. I am the new and improved @SPBojomTDfAfX.png

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    2. SPBojo


      hehe xd Discount Bojo :Kappa:

    3. JBruesch


      Yeah, I don't have enough Perms to be the new @SPBojo :Kappa:

    4. SPBojo
  15. This be them Piggies when they see a Truck when the Driver isn't wanted, but they know they are doing an illegal run

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