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  1. @Strafe Now you reminded me of this XD

    1. Strafe


      Oh my god i love birds glad i have one. He cant talk though ; - ;

  2. fite me m8
  3. cuz Murica
  4. Wait wait wait.... A member of the News Team is actually doing something now??????? Damn, they might actually keep the News team this time. Also, looks good. There a link to a video at all, or just the screenshot?
  5. idk, armor maybe?
  6. No, as the Miranda rights are an American thing, and Altis is in Greece. The closest we could get is something similar, but an Olympus version, but I know it would just be another thing Civs would demand a pardon for if the Deputy forgets it.
  7. Like, can yall have da Kidneys back for the donation goal b4 I smach my pc plz? <3

    @Grandma Gary


  8. I'd deny that, but ya know.... Wiskewnsin!!
  9. Make this month's donation goal Kidneys or no balls  @Poseidon


  10. Go R&R, lot less drama
  11. Doing some Christmas shopping when I found this...


    Double ticket or full pardon plz

  12. Ah, yes, because all an adrenaline shot is good fore is an allergic reaction
  13. puzzle

    any caps?
  14. So I'm a little late for this buuuuutttttttt MERRY BIRTHMAS @Tman15tmb!!!!