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  1. Looking to buy any taser better than a sting and RPG's with rockets. Reply with a price. \ Thanks
  2. I would have offered you a fair price but your a dick so fuck yourself, hope nobody buys it.
  3. Are we required to sign up somewhere to participate or just show up with our gang?
  4. Looking to buy the above items. Also, RPGs and rockets
  5. Yeah I'm throwing it out there to see what its worth to someone
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QOAooz8ngxWIMtcdj1le51a2GoaKHVp5 This is the perfect place to store up to 1500 virtual items, you can make money quick here between Heroin and Acid/LSD. Garage is right next door. Looking for 30mil for the set, only selling as a set not one or the other.
  7. Jones


    I have over 1200 hours in Arma III, most of that in Altis Life. I used to run a server a couple years ago with some friends as well as a little developing on that server. I haven't really played any Arma up until recently for about 2 years so I'm refreshing on everything. Seems like a lot has changed and developed in Altis Life since I have played. I been playing Asylum for the past week and it was ok, hoping Olympus is better.
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