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  1. shut up steve
  2. How much do I pay for promotions in the banana plantation? Also, I saw a tranny on tender, said she's looking for Irish men specifically? What a coincidence!
  3. quit taking shit so serious. https://gyazo.com/b37d29078260f2d4b4fa86c18e75e73e
  4. "Officers that do not intervene when other officers are breaking rules are subject to discipline, depending on severity and on a situational basis." QUIT ENCOURAGING THE RATS. YOU ARE EMPOWERING THEM. @G.O.A.T. the nig.
  5. we were nignogs etc. had our arguments. o7
  6. lets all split up and make gangs whose trying to join my gang? just quoting what other retards have said in the past ya know. So, original with the wasteland argument.
  7. stfu moob jr. jr.
  8. stfu moob jr.
  9. ahh yesss sssssoooooooooooo trrrrrrrrueeeeeeeeeee
  10. wait but is dead uhhhh? Scat gang running around kavala doing weed runs is not gang life. No gangs do bw, feds, jails etc. other then Prime. gonna go have with a hard negative on this one. Haven't received/heard any of this.
  11. yeah idk about this one.
  12. Thanks for taking the RP outta my cop experience.
  13. Okay so how the T bots gonna get unpermed for exploiting and all that shit but my Regicide nibbas not?

    #FreeMyNibbas #FreeRegicide

    1. Show previous comments  29 more
    2. McDili


      They didn't make any money.

    3. Quinton


      I was there, what do you mean? Please elaborate. 

    4. Quinton
  14. Regicide reunion. R.I.P to the boys.



    1. Garrett




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