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  1. Jesus murphy its a video game kids pls don't have an aneurysm over this if you buy money you run it at your own risk. Should just lock the thread before the no-life's kill them selves.
  3. The main thing i see in this is the person who reported only asked for 2 mill ahhahahahahahaahah
  4. Your bot ass must be afking cop minutes or asleep at your keyboard then whenever responding to just about anything then.
  5. The shit is stupid cops shouldn't be able to be tazed and restrained ya buncha damn heathens.
  6. 76561198089877344
  7. ive been de-whitelisted like 3 times for inactivity and i responded to a blackwater and spent my whole time restrained in a pillbox. I might be getting de-whitelisted soon again lmao. +1 though on the post in general.
  8. We're donezo's boys we had a good run....... o7 #RipRegicide
  9. These are some indeed some of the dankest meme's to come across the Olympus Forums +1 for this thread my guys
  10. How can one not call him dogshit?!!!?!?!?!??!???!?!?!?!?!?
  11. If you can't handle some toxicity and look away from your screen, ignore it, and forget about it then what community are you possibly going to be apart of lmao? The community obviously doesn't want "said" things in and you can handle some push back (toxicity) then uhhh yeah okay............
  12. kind of the fucking point is for the cop to die and for the civ to tazed/restrained or lethaled? Lets just make everyone have tazer's and restrain each other. +1 on the logic lololol
  13. @Berg02 i hope that your computer blows up so you quit making these retarded/cringe ass videos. Literally no one cares.
  14. *slurp* pls dont perm me *slurp* *slurp*
  15. don't include me in this just commenting idc about your argument