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  1. Maj is rolling in his grave currently 

    1. Whitee
    2. Linka


      ayo when they hittin that g spot 

    3. Greezy Gabe

      Greezy Gabe

      white still driving his grandmas car around 

  2. Billeh

    WTB Mar-10 w/DMS

    Dont get it from @m o n s t e r he has a bad history with mar-10's and the apd
  3. @Sho-Time Happy Birthday my N---- Homie

  4. if we ban 1 person that is about 20% of the population
  5. Billeh


    Please don’t come back
  6. @Noodles:D im getting the same recommended yt vids as you now


  7. How the hell is your car totaled, i yeeted my truck backwards into a tree going 40 and it’s perfectly fine, yet yours looks like you ran into a wall going 5 mph
  8. Imagine doing a 180 and accelerating right up to an orca in >5 seconds and then getting mad when the orca doesnt see you...
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