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  1. yup that’s the one, you got bad luck with these things
  2. @Noodles:D currently crying, praying for his money back ... man is truly a addict

  3. Billeh

    money back

    It still shows on the top 50 richest? I thought if it was deleted in the database then it would disappear. Also how would his appeal get passed he litterally offered money to another player in game for a sheckle
  4. Billeh

    money back

    Can you record you wiping him in the database and post it on the forms for us monkeys to laugh at
  5. Billeh

    money back

    thanks to billybobjoe for this incredible detective work! Makes me proud for you to be part of the billy family
  6. Zurph should be able to get un banned if he post a video of him cutting off his ponytail

    1. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      i wish that was all i had to do for an unban 😞

    2. Masoooooooooon


      He'll have nothing left to live for.

    3. Jerrod
  7. Billeh


    First second and third clips are singles and thats the only watch time im giving your montage
  8. Didn’t know olympus was able to find competent ideas Goodjob on this one
  9. Wow this nigga really has money to comp anyone yet still getting ban tsk tsk https://gyazo.com/3c6baf965251ae9968647f60362cad84 



    We got 7 days to make money to run this kids bank account @i chop hatchbacks @rabid @Noodles:D @JuanDeaged @Millennium


    This status update was brought to you in part by @Brolaf

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MAV


      only  when its against you babe 😉

    3. Dicky


      @Silton youre not seriously implying that APD members get out of every ban... You must be on crack

    4. Silton


      @Dicky not every but it sure helps

  10. Billeh


    Please dont let there be a third
  11. #free my nigga rossco

    1. SecTranLive



    2. Geo


      nigga cat


  12. @toxicc 1bil bet yoyo man, for the insanity of the server!

  13. Was in cop channel on civ according to an eye witness account
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