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  1. Ik your name but not the face if you know what i mean, was known as Joe or billybobjoe back in the day in marauders/fsa/BB big squeaker in 2014/15 hard to miss me
  2. They made this rule for @Silton no im still gonna text you leave or die when we are fighting a hospital and you keep reviving the 5 or so kids that die each time we push.
  3. For the stats page monkeys, what does 'The beginning' mean 8e9f43ca387575320c9388a5bd3321d3.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Billeh


      @Bloodmoon ty 

      there is probably no way to tell but people who played pre-wipe should get a tag on the forums or something

    3. SPBojo


      @Billeh if you have a forum account from before wipe the people that usually care about forum tags could easily "verify" themself 😉

    4. Billeh


      @SPBojo big brain

  4. @Crenshaw Welcome back grandpa here is your monthly supply of arthritis cream images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRbH5x1aS9fLUzkBHKlj5Bnh-yui-vM9uGv-AKKO6ZjgdBwo_zISpvJVdug7TiHwV-qUApv0Co&usqp=CAc

  5. im just confused still why thor didnt get first place....
  6. Finally a mother fucker that can run some shit @Mr GOAT 

    ohh and @ThatNerdyGuy congrats bbg

  7. Selling Mk1 Tazer, Mar-10 Lethal, and a few pilot covs

    1. Rexo


      I’ll buy your stock 

    2. Josh122


      How much for the Mk1 tazer

  8. Sandman gets kicked from chief and then the ts server suddenly has connection issues....... :kappa:

    1. Noahhh!
    2. Linka


      it's because we were discussing the boxing match. because he is no longer chief the issue is when i would've beaten him, i wouldn't have gotten chief. so of course, i had to bully him to take out my anger. he then hit off the teamspeak. unlucky, would've never expected this from him. 

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