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  1. Thank fuck you are leaving
  2. Im like 100% sure the server hasnt actually been 'Sold' since the Peter Long Schlong era, Even though @Ryan Loves money i highly doubt he would sell it.
  3. I have to do it... @Kyle Lake
  4. Billeh


    stop posting this shit
  5. Eft for any of the non-braindead retards?

  6. Imagine in a year your members iq’s are still steadily declining
  7. The richest kid on the server currently is 12 and can’t even shoot a mk-1 straight 

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      I remember when being on the top 50 for money was challenging. Now it's a joke.

    2. Birb


      thats fax on god also i'm not even 12

    3. Birb


      who deserves this money tell me 

  8. birb i got a start, stop fucking posting yourself in the snap gc or in discord. Gain some weight, get more acne and a gaming chair then you will be good
  9. Lmao, shoutout to the spqr retards that reported @DeadPool saturday for him flying his own medic orca https://gyazo.com/e7b017c543feecd273ff7ef0540db871


    I would like to thank @Cale for the rook push and whoever the fuck was in this clip for missing

  11. 900k suppressors, 1 mil dms , mk1 1 mil
  12. how much for 7.62 suppressors, dms, ana mk1
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