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  1. TEMP SOLUTION TO BAD MODULE BUG: Switch your game to 32 bit, worked for me and 2 others so far 

    1. Brolaf


      Worked for me aswell

    2. RogueMK


      confirmed works :)

  2. Dominick Ramos for civ rep

    1. Google


      Google for Civ Rep.

    2. Ryan


      +1 for Dom

    3. DeadPool


      I heard if you vote for him you get a new/slightly used credit card

  3. Admins are now spawning in equipment and vehicles for civs in Kavala so they can have somewhat a fair fight


  4. I am not sure if you made it home alive, but if you did Gratulerer med dagen you toxic viking.

    1. Strugglebus


      I halfway survived,

      thanks man, you a real one 

  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Strugglebus


      Thanks Gibbs you a real one 

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ex-LEAD designer

    1. Strugglebus


      Thanks, and since you’re trying to be condescending; FYI I didn’t want to deal with map design so I just dealt with my specialty; photoshop.

      hopefully one day you’ll be as skilled as me. 

      Eat shit retard 

    2. Awful At This Game

      Awful At This Game

      Ecks d I’m terrible at anything to do with design

    3. Awful At This Game
  7. Happy birthday Jonathan :pog: @J O E

    1. J O E

      J O E

      Cheers manathon 

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