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  1. Reapered

    I got a lot of ideas about war seasons we could chat about in Teamspeak. Couldn’t do it on Asylum cause devs were too busy to do stuff :/
  2. Reapered

    Who gives a shit lmao
  3. Reapered

    So many braindead retards in this thread
  4. Reapered

    Arguing to get defibs on this server is pointless. The whole epi system is mainly in place for r&r and if they added defibs r&r would be next to pointless.
  5. Reapered

    Not too sure about the athira location but is there a hill where you can see on top of the buildings for the pyrgos one? If you can't see on top of the buildings from far out positions then i just see people climbing on top and just waiting for people to climb the ladders.
  6. Reapered

    Difference is you can scout common roach spots with an ifrit before you attack
  7. Reapered

    Yea its so much fun getting shot in the back and have no idea which house you got from. Oh did i mention no callouts? Xd
  8. Reapered

    Yea its pretty aids when you have to have strategy to win and not luck.
  9. Reapered

    because a competitive event should be made to where the most skilled players should win, not some shit fest clown fiesta esq maps where someone like Biggs can sit inside a house and kill someone like tiger where he had no clue where he was. almost no strategy is needed and is revolved around luck. even mcdili admitted this isn't an "esl tourney" and is mainly played for fun. all im saying is the format can be improved, no need to get upset about it srry on my phone for this one
  10. Reapered

    hahahahah seem to forget that theres also executions. i was only talking about the format of your tournament on how it sucks. we can sit here all day and argue about which gameplay features are more casual than the other, its just a matter of opinion. The only facts are which you're format is built to where anyone can win and not the most dominate teams win. poor system
  11. Reapered

    You forgot to put that Ollie wiped i think it was 8 people in 1 round? They lost that first round and only got a bye because of a dq
  12. Reapered

    Olympus has a better production value for the stream (except the casting) and overall the tournament is run pretty well. With that said, I would rate Asylum Gang Wars better for the more competitive players. Bo1 doesn't mean much and every game is played at a poor 1 sided location. Plus, I really hated how the admins forced players to constantly run out of cover to get inside the zone. Only strategy you needed for the map was get the better starting side and rush to the middle where all you had to do was wait for the zones to get smaller and wait for players to run out of cover. If this was actually fighting at cartels where you can see some unique strategy's used (look at how NV destroyed most teams at OG Arms in Asylum Gang Wars) and not this bs sitting in houses hoping someone walks by. Systemchips used poor wording when he said it was unfair, this Bo1 format just doesn't show who are the more dominate teams. Overall, I would recommend this tournament only for more casual players because of how its setup to where any gang can win if they get lucky. Congrats to MC on the win and it was a fun tourney to watch. (except those high af ESPs they were using)
  13. Reapered

    If anyone needs an extra player im here exdee
  14. Reapered

    Love how asylum allows olympus gangs to participate in their gang wars with 0 complaints but when an asylum gang wants to play on olympus everybody loses their shit. You would actually think people would want more gangs to fight but no, people have to be rats and make it all about winning fake money.

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