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  1. Felipeee

  2. Felipeee

    You're 12 i can understand your retardedness, an admin ( this is the staff ) said someone ( not the same staff member ) ratted rp out in a steam message ( this was screenshotted ) mongol
  3. Felipeee

    And if your brain was abit more developed and you read my first comment that you defended your cringey dad about i said someone ratted him out.
  4. Felipeee

    I dont know but a an admin was in a channel and i heard him say that so keep thinking your (dad) is innocent
  5. Felipeee

    Do new fingers come with these deals sir @Sonny Asif
  6. Felipeee

    Must be why he's already been ratted on for having an alt account that he msged someone on saying I'm going to go on Olympus and ban evade lmao.
  7. Felipeee

    This nigga
  8. @Linka dirty weeb you dont deserve a happy birthday

    1. Linka


      really funny!

  9. Felipeee

    Finding nemo.
  10. He only reposted this for the likes smh
  11. Felipeee

    yeeeee. No.
  12. For your birthday you can have a jeep that i can be the shooter in :)

  13. Felipeee

    I would say this test isnt clear since the genetics of a black person are clearly faster than a typical white guy.
  14. Happy Birthday!!!

  15. Felipeee

    Thanks, appreciate it pal.

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