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  1. I lost a 100m yesterday to nemnock lmao. Who tf cares
  2. ferg

    WTB Meth houses

    S2 dp5 4c, fully upgraded
  3. Free rexo and sho

    fuck skys, wheres my ban that u were talking abt

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      nigga have you seen yourself, lake boy.

    3. ferg


      Monster take ur ugly pfp somewhere else

    4. m o n s t e r
  4. Ill sell u my dp5 4c for 10k if u never report someone again
  5. also theres no pyrgos heli spawner https://gyazo.com/90dd93a0df046fb2c94b25baee0eb68b
  6. why do i have an admin revive option. it doesnt work but im jw
  7. ferg

    WTS Dp5 4c (s2)

    2900 inv 4c in dp5 Server 2 Good for meth Offer if interested
  8. only froze for the first kill, and the one time u killed me i was pulling out my gun and the other i was looting y
  9. Ur 23m donation is greatly appreciated
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