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  1. @Winters What are your thoughts on absolute minimum or maximum of illegal weapons that would be given back after; Cooperateive murderer with $250,000 Bounty hands himself in but wishes to keep his gun. Uncooperative murderer is apprehended forcefully, later asks to keep weapon in exchange for paying the ticket. I disagree we should allow criminals to keep guns after they murder like 10 or more people.
  2. Then disagree with it. I don't care what personal problem you have with me. Come see me if you can't get over yourself. Prove me wrong then. Take for example a Federal Reserve 2 days ago. You lot decided 5 continuous waves end on end into Fed smashing into the ONLY gate (Gate #1) being defended at Fed. No one bothering to call this out because you retards want to sit out and snipe rather then push with and command. Robbers were proven in real time by myself AND others to not be defending any other locations excedpt the vault. If you can't work it out, that means the 3 east gates were undefended but still wouldn't control shit. You want to tell us what to do but don't want to be intelligent about it so why the fuck should we listen to you guys then? You sit here and claim you want others to speak up but guys cry when someone is like: "Hey the 3 gates on East aren't being defended, come east side? I noticed you clued on after 2 waves because thats when the Mk200 came out of the Dome and sat in the tower spraying you all down. On a side note: I honestly question if some who lead the apd responding to fed are taking bribes to deliberately suicide into the gates. The reason I say this is because when I asked if I could hit Gates 2, 3 and 4 are undefended the sAPD yelled no, hit gate 1 as if I was undermining him. Only thing I really comment about is shit comms. Like if someone is outside of visual distance and they say "enemy over there!" like as if I see where he is pointing. Shift+T or bearing/distance is all it takes. I never blew up the Mohawk, so i dont care anymore (Touch me~) ArMa 3 PhYsIcS. nOt My FaUlT, mAtE. Not really civil when you kick me from the support and a admin has to move me back in and apologise on behalf of others. Every senior? I mean majority relevant to the situation and nothing else. I welcome any civil conversation. Leave your ego at the front door and all is fine.
  3. Why not for the sake of transparency you articulate "contribution" and "say something" exactly? You guys endorse SAPD elitism wholesale to a level I've not seen since for almost 3 years on Life Servers. I mean you discriminate and ostracize anyone who points out a intellectually disabled SAPD who refuse take proper command during FED and BW where we can earn a lot from our time spent on APD for the day. I've seen more then 10 Blackwaters literally spoonfed to civilians because all your guys do is suicide into walls like League of Legends trash and then 10 waves later the moment a Deputy or PO who is just wanting to help and starts suggesting tactics you punish them for trying to command higher ups.
  4. Best of part is that it's metagaming information to players who aren't online or in their faction but hey admins won't police that shit so my guess is they'll gloss over it.
  5. I definately agree. I already knew about the elitism before I was accepted as Deputy last year and now that I've come back and clocked 80+ hours on APD here so far and seen nothing change, they should be interrogation channels ONLY when doing interrogations. Being out of the PD, Patrol or Unit channels should be outright a strikable offence.
  6. Exactly my point. If there are literal amounts numbered then we know what we can negotiate for without people being unsure of what is fair to say yes and no to and if it continues to be unspecified then good chance players may not make a real attempt to come to terms with the opposite party. I never said they should not respond, its simple fact that negotiations to take place that both negotiators have to meet up. Can't do that if truck is still being hauled to drop off in a persuit while they demand a negotiator. Really unclear siatuation of what we should do there but hey, if we had every situation written down then yes the SOPs would be another 6,000 words long perhaps.
  7. I never said they should not respond so don't put words in my mouth. And because there is no minimum/maximum value of a hostage: Kidnappers are unaware of what the maximum value of their captives and what they could ask for and APD will refuse to pay amounts or trade gear unless there is a minimum/maximum value officially listed. I know because i've been in situations where people have asked for cash alternative and APD have said there is no real price listed etc.
  8. Rules state we as APD must value the hostage's life. However there is NOTHING in the Olympus Server Rules or APD Handbook stating what kidnappers can exactly negotiate for or what the life of a innocent hostage is worth. This breeds corruption and it screams failrp when you finally get APD to respond but then they refuse any and all trades for the hostage's life. Only thing it says is you can ask for a pardon for a bounty lower then $1mil. PS: Today a gang of 5+ tried to hold a hostage for leverage to stop the APD from responding to Pharma. Nothing in rules tell us not to respond nor should it technically stop APD unless a Hostage's life is worth more then the run. Any staff want to look into this at all?
  9. Commit this to memory. This means they must be on the keychain for it to apply as "their house" so PC will not apply to someone who does not have keys to the house.
  10. If you circle the house and are hearing the footsteps from inside then there is your proof someone is atleast inside, you just need to prove it is the suspect. It's about the situation imho, PC requires you witness a suspect inside so if they have committed a crime etc (shoot a gun from inside the house or a suspect flees into a house) then kick the fucking door in. ^ What he said. Occupant has to have committed a crime for you to break and enter.
  11. He means the actual black fish in the ocean. Because fish surrounding Altis are more of a threat then criminal scum.
  12. Sorry I didn't specify, I was meaning to mention all aircraft in general. The problem is all other options of MODDED Sling Loading are not very reliable as they constantly break. #ArmaPhysics #NoMod
  13. Sorry if I am wrong about this but I assume the Sling Load system on the server is a server side mod included in the mission file? Sling Load mod is a pain in the ass, that mod is supposed to be for Sling Loading vehicles you "can't" Sling Load in non-modded Arma. The mod ropes constantly snap for no reason due to Arma modded physics. Maybe Developers should consider APD being able to use Anti-Air Titan launchers with Fuel Dart mod? The Darts if they hit will only deal DMG to the Fuel Tank and sap Fuel until empty.
  14. No legal type man, thats why I said Civ, not Rebel/Vig etc
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