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  1. I'm with you sir! 07 I take the music credit, will always remember crying to it with you before we planned to do this.
  2. @JuanDeaged Update me if the offer is still live, only 1.5 mill? you can make better cash with me son. Don't trust a man who is supposedly career medic with tags indicating that he is not in game @Tman15tmb
  3. Are you using shadow play? Because If so all you have to do is Alt+Z then make sure your shadow play is turned off then go to settings after that go down till you see recordings and then you will be able to move where you want your clips to be stored in. Also if you're using OBS You can access the recording folder if you open the File menu and click on "Show Recordings". If you go to the settings and there to Output, you can change the recording folders destination at "FLV Recording Path". Although if you seem to be having trouble getting the path you are wanting you can always jump on teamspeak and wait in the support channel for me or anyone of my fellow support members to help you out in directions.
  4. You must have done something wrong..
  5. Follow what Dante is saying..Trust me! Be the second best noodle on the server!! Make me proud and always follow the rules!!! I can't stress this enough, good things will happen if you keep the community in knowledge of the rules and always help other if needed. If you need any help join the support channel on our teamspeak where I myself or any SS division soldiers can help. But my son promise me one thing. Make. Me. Proud! @MrNoodle
  6. Congrats on Senior Support Team! I knew you would get it soon enough!

    1. Ramennoodles


      Thanks! Much respect! Get back to playing Medic;)

    2. Lucas K

      Lucas K

      Good Job Ramen! ;)

  7. A quicky I know it's bad, did it within a minute laughing
  8. Just be YOU! Keep playing R&R, make friends as you go and always try to be as friendly as you can. Follow the rules and teach others along the way. And lol yes, you must have a hype man like danger that pumps you up.