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  1. Settle down retard. This is how you start to get in trouble around here...
  2. FYI: The stats page code has been adjusted. All vehicles should now display the vehicles actual display name and not classnames. You can thank @Ignis.

  3. Fake news. Simply made it add the amounts sold properly.. the script was made by a random guy. Then modified slightly for Olympus by Poseidon. I've barely touched and don't know shit about how it works really beyond the basics.
  4. We're waiting.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jesse


      What'd the idiot put?

    3. MrBoonie


      thought i was struggle and said, waiting on her to implement a good design?

    4. Jesse


      Yeah I read my email and saw.

  5. Fixed it. Works fine now.
  6. Small Update:
    - Vigi Rules now displays properly
    - Ghosthawk from Blackwater spawns outside
    - Updated TS information for most part except for images
    - Jeep interior should now display properly
    - Other Swif Delivery van texture will work fine now
    - APD Armor clothing can be passed to lower ranks

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    2. Dante


      25 minutes ago, DINGUSDEAN said:

      Wait so Seniors can give armor to lower ranks for them to keep permanently, or for a certain situation then it has to be removed?

      Certain situation. If we wanted you to have better armor, you could buy it yourself.



      Thanks @Ignis and @Dante Fleury. That's what I figured was the case but wanted to confirm it first. I like that a lot.

    4. Ryan


      3 hours ago, Dante Fleury said:

      Certain situation. If we wanted you to have better armor, you could buy it yourself.

      Now its easier to ruin gang life for that certain raid :goat:

  7. Works fine.
  8. Web maintenance is completed.
  9. Sometime in the next few hours you may not have connectivity to the website for brief/extended duration while we work on moving some stuff. As long as things go as planned the downtime should be relatively minimal. Estimated downtime: ~0.5 - 2 hours.. Thanks, Jesse
  10. ??????????????? Put it where I was told to put it.
  11. Haven't really heard of anyone complaining about it. Seems by far less common. Like Silton said Nvidia may have released a piss poor driver update or something causing the issue. Chances are its out of our realm to fix honestly. Your settings may also be too extreme for your PC and may need to adjust one direction or the other for optimal settings. Either offloading more to your GPU if it can handle it or as someone else suggests offloading to CPU to handle it.
  12. Intended. I set the subscribe on my channel to 0 before bed so people could message me if they needed.
  13. Max characters was reached. Thanks. Adjusted.
  14. Effective immediately we are going to start migrating over to our new TeamSpeak 3 server. This is part of the ownership transition. For the time being the server will require the use of the IP address to connect. Once the domain name is transferred we'll setup TSDNS to allow you to use the domain to connect as well. Make sure to bookmark the new server as well! As long as everything goes well the old TS will go out of use effective tomorrow (11/05/17). If you require permissions (Cop/Staff/Support Team/R&R) added please join the channel: Needing Permissions - Cop/RnR/Supp IP: It's expected that a permission or two may have gone unnoticed. If you find something you feel isn't correct, drop a post here please.

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