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  1. I guess it wasn't a surprise congrats buddy. @Brolaf maybe next time i'll not kill myself when we are last in fortnite 

    1. Brolaf


      lol Thanks bro

  2. A little late but congrats to the boy @Super_Nova and @Winters

  3. +1 to everybody that wished me happy birthday. Olympus is dope. Big facts. No printer. 

  4. Shout out to all who has wished me a happy birthday. Appreciate you guys :D

  5. happy birthday dpi jumper

  6. I love you guys man Olympus is the shit you guys are awesome. +1 

    1. Jester


      Are you drunk

    2. tacosmell


      Yessir love you Olympus 

    3. maxg


      24 minutes ago, tacosmell said:

      Yessir love you Olympus 

      plz dont touch the senior sheets while ur drunk lmao

  7. I need assistance on deciding on a new baseball glove if someone actually knows a lot about baseball join ts and help me decide thanks 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. maxg


      Infield I would go for a Wilson glove, but i have 3 Rawlings catcher mitts and they are fire 

    3. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke


      Them and Rawlings is all I used. I played 1st/Pitcher

    4. tacosmell


      Those are prehistoric luke 

  8. tacosmell

    11 months for being accused of cheating but in all reality the evidence of him cheating is less sufficient than that of many others who are unbanned. I'd understand if the man was kill switching and silent aiming and got caught, but the dude didn't even log into the server because he was caught by an anti cheat (+1 on the btw) but besides that the biggest flag had to have been a loadout with a gun THAT ISN"T IN OUR MISSION FILE.
  9. tacosmell

    Comparing google and M5 to jake is irrelevant dog. Both of them had extreme intentions of hurting Olympus. I am not sure if Olympus is a bit scared to unban hackers considering what had happened in the past, but im just going to put this here and say that you unbanned several ddossers who ruined your gangwars in much much more shorter time than that of this guys "hacking" ban.
  10. tacosmell

    I get it fully. So this guys evidence is an insta ban in which he was never using the hacks therfore there was no malicious intent? or am i missing something I just believe in second chances especially in a video game in which if this guy were to hack again you could ban very easily
  11. tacosmell

    Casper and Page? I'm not here to argue but there are A LOT more dangerous people in this community in terms of hacking and the big D word that I wont say who are unbanned who were extremely malicious yet they were unpermed. I don't usually side with someone who has hacked but looking at this from my perspective it just seems very scuffed to hold this against him for 11 months. Consider how much has happened in 11 months in this community lol
  12. tacosmell

    what about the countless others who have lied and been unpermed? Not going against your judgement but very unfair that others who blatantly cheated were unbanned extremely fast To add to this. Its a game dude. Like the fact this dude hasn't ban evaded in 11 months is beyond me.

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