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  1. @Jester The homie. You are a dope dude, and have a lot going for you. Going to miss venting to you ab IRL stuff lmao thanks for being there.
  2. i'm backkkkkkk

    1. maxg





      jk <3

    2. Evann


      just in time for your birthday

    3. Ryan


      Did we ask

  3. The discord isn’t used as much as the teamspeak considering everyone is on teamspeak. You’ll have much better luck using teamspeak for help.
  4. It's crazy how nice it is NOT to play Olympus everyday lmaooo 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Mighty
    3. codeYeTi


      It’s funny how I miss the people and working with em but damn I don’t miss wasting my life (and making WAAAAY more money for quitting is nice too).

      Its scary how much this shit starts to matter when you make it your life.

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      you nerds need to spend more time ingame

  5. @Fuzz^ later homie. Had some good times, the freestyles were a ton of fun. HMU on snap if you need anything dog. Another real one going down today, o7
  6. I guess it wasn't a surprise congrats buddy. @Brolaf maybe next time i'll not kill myself when we are last in fortnite 

    1. Brolaf


      lol Thanks bro

  7. A little late but congrats to the boy @Super_Nova and @Winters

  8. +1 to everybody that wished me happy birthday. Olympus is dope. Big facts. No printer. 

  9. Shout out to all who has wished me a happy birthday. Appreciate you guys :D

  10. happy birthday dpi jumper

  11. I love you guys man Olympus is the shit you guys are awesome. +1 

    1. Jester


      Are you drunk

    2. tacosmell


      Yessir love you Olympus 

    3. maxg


      24 minutes ago, tacosmell said:

      Yessir love you Olympus 

      plz dont touch the senior sheets while ur drunk lmao

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