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  1. Yeah was a dope tage clip
  2. Joins Plague ts for 1 day and things he's hard shit. Come talk to me "the pedophile".
  3. This is completely fake lmaooo Don't worry tho. Idk why you would try starting shit with me. All good tho. Maybe not for you tho. Said "tho" ab 30 times but idc
  4. This isn't yours lmaooo I lowkey am curious about cable management of your setups tbh.
  5. No
  6. Never have to do a run again. Just farm points. Buy ifrit. Sell ifrit. Repeat.
  7. yo sweet pic dog 

  8. Server 3 just wiped my bank account lmao whatttttt Joined in and bugged me to no money and licenses
  9. I got the popcorn out, GO ON
  10. Are you asking 3 mil each? or together?
  11. The only real way we can see is to try it? What's could possibly happen? Just restart it and do it the old way if it gets bad.
  12. I'm not salty homie. I'm all for it and the idea. But we both know how ppl are on the server. As long as people can be mature ab it everything should roll smooth.

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