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  1. tacosmell


  2. When the box truck sticks to your roof of your car


    1. Dog


      did he blow up

    2. Gaz


      lmao @Dog yes it was unfortunate

  3. @DeadPooL The deputy that just processed you is the highlight of my APD career.

    1. DeadPooL


      'Oh sorry sir" Salutes me every damn minute. I should of said nothing.

    2. tacosmell


      Was crying the whole time 

  4. tacosmell

  5. tacosmell

    +1 DOPE
  6. tacosmell

    I'll look into the SUV for sure. Gingerbread man is a must as well Thanks for the ideas though. Keep them coming!
  7. tacosmell

    Alright. So i am making this post in efforts to get ideas thrown at me for clothing. Examples : Off-White Rebel, LV Supreme Rebel, etc. I need ideas since I've only really made designer clothing as textures and want to make more variety.
  8. Feelings on another custom wetsuit? If so, would a white one be too much or are you guys down for that

  9. tacosmell

    It is just unfair for me and others who can benefit the server greatly, yet we are penalized because we helped others with there work. At the end of the day, we are designers and if someone asks for help we are going to assist them. What happened in the past is gone now, and as all of you can tell there is zero chance for anyone to compete with olympus so everything else regarding those is irrelevant.
  10. tacosmell

    I can assure you I never tried nor cared for leaking or stealing anything from Olympus. Also regarding the "clone" server.. why do you think i left?
  11. tacosmell

    Not a designer btw. GOOD STUFF BUDDY. +1 @Ajax

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