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  1. I mean it's on them if they want to do it because usually people ask around and it'll come back bad in the end.
  2. See he knows
  3. You know whats a meme. All your members came to my gang and capped cartels for my gang bank. You've never taken any of my frits lol you're shit. lemme find the message you sent crying about a kid in my gang dumpstering you lol
  4. You won't push us tho lol sooo Requesting a frit push
  5. y dont u
  6. So, out of curiosity, how many people on here play rocket league? I mean in somewhat of a competitive manner (Plat and up).
  7. Learn how to make cinematics within arma 3. Download G-Cam and start messing around with things homie.
  8. yo this is a life saver if someone actually has it. Or mathway????
  9. Yo, i have same one on S3. Lets trade dog haha
  10. Great idea homie. But in all reality i don't think that is even possible. Correct me if i am wrong but i was told that bans are administered through this website in some way shape or form. So i guess there is some sort of connection with the forums and the server but idk how you could do this.
  11. Glad you're alright homie. Been through it before super scary for sure.
  12. You get back to fights too fast just to die again man
  13. dont do this

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