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  1. tacosmell

    Will be interesting for sure.
  2. tacosmell

    There is 2 types of callouts. Asylum and Olympus. So depending on where your gang members are from is going to matter.
  3. tacosmell

    War hasn't even started boy. But you brought this upon your boon head ass self. LETS GET IT
  4. tacosmell

    Who is going to be accused of being jealous of someone who has nothing to be jealous of and not come back w that tho
  5. tacosmell

    I mean i think you related to what YOU would do...
  6. tacosmell

    So, you're saying you are trying to get me to comment back to you and waste my time? But you go OUT OF YOUR WAY to make a lil shit video with your cringy ass voice in it. Who wasted time here? I'm comfused.
  7. tacosmell

    Me jealous of you? Maybe if you accomplished something, but likeeeeee you have done NOTHING. You go to salvation and bash olympus and say you guys are going to have a good server that was actual dog. Then make every excuse in the book. You literally joined that community so you could feel some type of power and that shit went south REAL QUICK. Extremely happy you didn't get Civ Rep. Made my day. Btw how is top 10 plays going? Thought you were cool until you try to take over media team and put out absolutely nothing
  8. tacosmell

    Ill say it again lil dude. Do you actually get a kick out of talking shit to people on the internet? Probably do bc IRL you would get your ass handed to you. Thats cool dude lol Could care less what you say ab me. It's literally bullshit you pull out of your ass
  9. tacosmell

    Give mommy a kiss. We in like 3rd grade or?
  10. tacosmell

    you think so? So like you gassing yourself up or what?
  11. tacosmell

    I'm actually laughing at how much of a retard you act on these forums constantly. Thought i'd get in on the fun and calm your immature ass down
  12. tacosmell

    For one thing before i start. I'm not a kid. Laying that there. Also who are you calling irrelevant????? You are actually one of those people that hide and talk shit to literally everyone then when someone comes back you say "it's my opinion". Talking shit is literally all you do "kid". I can't tell you one post that is actually important that you don't spit your bullshit in. I mean if you talk trash on this mans rap, why don't you show how much better you are? I have no reason to stop now homie, we can do this all day
  13. tacosmell

    Because you talk shit and can't back it up. Y I K E S Tired of you talking mad trash at people when you have zero reason to. Then wont back it up.
  14. tacosmell

    @MrBoonie Let me see some of your rap tho??? If he's so bad show us what you're lil "skinny" self can do

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