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  1. Happy Birthday you cooked ni:b::b:a

  2. The Olympus reject server is actual dog shit the whole server has 5k ping its fucking god awful lmao

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    2. AndrewFam


      What server? 

    3. Panera


      Salvation or whatever the fuck its called

    4. AndrewFam


      oh yea shits awful 

  3. My nigga on the motherboard there is a lever you need to push down on the PCI slot to pull it out.
  4. ???
  5. I have a crate with 29
  6. or you could make a status update instead ?
  7. why the FUCK my crate keep getting wiped

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    2. DeadPool


      DB Duped gets wiped 

    3. Panera


      @Jesse I mean straight up like the crate stays there and the inventory wipes 

    4. Jesse


      Well bitching in a status update won't fix it. I'd suggest replacing it down, since it seems you haven't tried that. If that doesn't work. Put in a support ticket. Ask for me. Include the server and a picture of the crate with GPS open to show house location as well.

  8. i cant stop laughing hahahahahaha oh my god this is so funny hahahahahahhahahaha jajajajajajajajajajajajaja cooked ass nigga
  9. yall are both cooked and trying to make the price go up this shit is worth 1.7 at that
  10. its a known bug when you swap seats while driving just don't do it
  11. actually cooked
  12. will sell crack for vest
  13. No he is garbage

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