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  1. What the fuck did you just type
  2. @N7Zero im glad we bombed you twice happy birthday pal 

  3. lmao these mods 

    1. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan

      What are u on about?

    2. MrBoonie


      like for real wtf?

  4. https://gyazo.com/e51dd03ed628f3f362e1776ac3ae951f
  5. yeah this man aint passing the test lmao
  6. Only goodbye post that matters is you
  7. @Xlax im glad your permed 


    @Egnazio Thank god you got Sgt now you can stop trying to get good at League and sending me dick pics 

  8. i hope titanic v2 happens smh last time you went on a cruise you said you were gonna send a dick pick on food, id rather not be in the same room as you
  9. tbh i wanna smoke a dick

    1. Savage


      dont u remember ted 2 when they only had a dick bong

      Image result for ted 2 smoking dick bong

    2. Aunt Jemima
    3. Egnazio


      fucking same

  10. Maybe you might get Sgt for your birthday @QuackImage result for OmegaLUL 

  11. i swear nigga you sell anything you find holy fuck
  12. i actually love you my nigga
  13. please neck
  14. This is actually fucking garbage

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