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  1. I took out three full rebel guys with a 5.56 and no armour and stole their blackfish back when they were worth like 6m... Then my game crashed when i was 2km out from chop...
  2. Glas

    rip dreams
  3. Should there be warpoint betting/vehicles?
  4. Glas


    lol nvm it showed up that you downvoted for like 1 sec
  5. Glas


    y u downvote tho just a simple question
  6. Glas


    How do you get someones rep higher?
  7. Glas

    My friend King_Buck got banned about 8 months ago for something questionable. He stole one of BW's helis and crashed it into their other heli because he had to move out of the way, he would've hit a pole otherwise. Yes, I agree that he could've recieved a ban, but I don't agree with the fact that he got a perm ban over this. His last ban before that was 1 month prior. Both of us have made numerous appeals with no sucess. I just want the admins to take a look at his case and actually give a reason why he cannot at least be on trial. They give the same copy-and-paste message every time, they wont even give the case a reasonable chance.
  8. Glas

    I just got unbanned today so hyped!
  9. Glas

    I have joined a different gang and have a different username then when I created my olympus account. Is there a way for me to change my username?
  10. Glas

    I was wondering if and when the new jets would be added. And maybe the aircraft carrier could be added to the Gulf as a station to refuel and such? This would make it easier for newer pilots because of the wires that stop and propel you.
  11. Glas

  12. I was just wondering what the custom vehicles were for the R&R and the APD. I was also wondering if the R&R vehicles are unlocked when you get the job.

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