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  1. Regardless of how some people are acting negatively in the forums. Hopefully everyone has a good christmas/hanukkah and enjoy the holidays
  2. you can say the same thing about how "General Inquries" is spelled in support overview instead of General Inquiries
  3. I think someone is just salty they got arrested
  4. I’d like to join the giveaway. Who doesn’t like free stuff
  5. I like the enthusiasm in your application. I don't know too much of the other branches but damn bro. Those facing movements are wrong asf and cringy. Especially that PG. At least in the Army ofc those movement drills will make you look like an idiot in front of a DS I'm not trying to rant on you and I do understand its JROTC. So have fun with it
  6. How do dopamine crates work? I have an idea as to how it works but I feel I could be wrong. Can someone explain?
  7. good luck Tman glad to see people actually care about their futures
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