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  1. I believe that's too far, even though you may be joking.
  2. I hate when I see medics in kavala sitting there trying to make money. It bothers me, just knowing its filled with RDM and toxic people.
  3. Mistakes were made, lets hope this kind of stuff doesn't happen again.
  4. If you have problems with Olympus, then just go play on a different server. Devs are trying their best and if you just find it in your heart that they're doing a shitty job, then don't bitch/complain, but instead leave. Personally, Olympus' developers have done some great work and they have a lot of work to do and worry about other stuff at the same time. When they fix a exploit/bug/server issues, there will always be another problem that they encountered and find a way to fix it. (If they can) I love Olympus and if you're going to hate on it, do it somewhere else than here, because the negative and rude comments won't go anywhere, except cause arguments.
  5. Props to everyone who stopped all these people from their massive exploit. Olympus is saved!
  6. 3 million? That's nothing. Grind hard or go home.
  7. Youz a savage?
  8. Nice update! Keep up the good work. +1
  9. If our little bird wants to fly away from our cage, then let it fly away and mate. Don't ruin its life and let nature run its course. The bird obviously didn't like the food we gave him and the cats harassing him.
  10. This gun is giving out to much problems. Please remove, why should vigis have better guns than derputys.
  11. Preach my brother. @G.O.A.T.
  12. Cant wait to try out the new medic system.
  13. Vigilante's goals aren't to go for unwanted people, they're suppose to get criminals and turn them in. I agree with @DeadPool1337, vigilantes are in a way suppose to get people who are wanted and turn them in. Vigilantes now are just tazeing cops and taking their gear/taking them hostage. I like the idea that if you're a Vigilante, you can't taze and restrain cops. You can restrain cops if you're a rebel and freely use a tazer and get cops that way.
  14. @Bocephus nice shot