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  1. remove death timer and nifi walls ty

  2. remove conquest spawn timer 


  3. After intensive research from the Google CQC Administration team we have confirmed what Gary said to be true but after searching for hours through messages we have confirmed that the decision was handed over to the APD nearly 6 months ago. There is still no response from the Chief but we will not yield.


    1. Lucien


      As the treasurer of the Google's CQC Administration team I will allocate more funds towards the cause immediately

  4. Thank you all for the support everyone and hopefully we can fulfill the wishes of the community  #RonForCorp0369b8j.pngShoutout to the 2015 man Mako for letting me relive my sergeant days with this beautiful MK1 and vest

    1. lvy


      i look good!!! (on the right )

  5. this conquest wetsuit looks like fucking ass

  6. ehh yo make this Olympus+ shit stack with my donations it will actually make it 30x more enticing instead of having to donate 15 ontop of other donation shit if you want something

  7. 50a9991c61315146ef74bf837e33388b.png

    Give my main man @YakGodSGT already

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    2. Hypeer
    3. maxg


      they were holding the ocean down with that boat patrol lmao @ YakGod

    4. lukie


      but he is british

  8.  check this shit out b

    1. CocoisDead


      Look at this dood

  9. I don't know how to feel about that episode tbh

  10. I don't know wat im doing but im streaming


  11. I don't know wat im doing but im streaming


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