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  1. When someone talks shit about your armed planes @Viper


    Edited by Jaster
  2. forget that i posted this

  3. Its been 12 days since your last montage, can we get an ETA?

    1. Elements.


      i dont play enough

  4. Jaster

    To get accepted to transfer into my dream college.
  5. I am not sure if anyone knew or remembers this server but I came from Easy's Altis Life. It was a smaller community than olympus or asylum and was fun while it lasted until the developer/owner got super power hungry and refused to update the server. At the time I was in a gang with Haze and Promethus and when prom brought Haze here I saw how much he liked it and decided to try out the server for myself. Compared to easys, this server is so well developed and it seems to be really well managed.
  6. Jaster


    o7 it was a ton of fun fighting you
  7. Jaster

    The Long squad better not be getting special perks in game
  8. Jaster

    Thank you. This Olympus has been the best developed altis life server I have ever played on. I used to play on easys altis life where the dev/owner did not code anything himself and was never consistent with updates and everything was broken. On Olympus I have never came across something and it just didn't work. Everything feels premium and smooth to play.
  9. Jaster

    Are there any major goals you have in mind?
  10. Jaster

  11. @Lorax Do you happen to work at Universal?


  12. Why when I upload a youtube video it looks good in the video file but when i upload it looks pixelated when there is any movement in the video.

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    2. RogueMK


      i use sony vegas, and my bitrate render is 240,000,000 and resolution in 3840 x 2160, if you able to change the bitrate in your render settings put it high as mine if premiere pro allows it that high if not just get as close to as possible. It will take triple the time to render but for the quality its worth
      below is the quality of my side chat


    3. codeYeTi


      The quality could also be getting downgraded on the down stream if it's detecting that your internet isn't really handling that good of quality. I've had that happen sometimes when I upload high quality VODs to some less-than-perfect streaming sites.

      That said, I wouldn't exactly expect that kind of thing from YouTube.

    4. Jaster


      @RogueMK @codeYeTi this is as high as it will let me go with bitrate. 4k resolution upload and it was still giving me really pixelly shit when there was movement. going to try doing the bitrate at 300 mbps and see if that works



      Ok so guys I think I may have figured it out. The bitrate i set shadowplay to record at was really low for some reason and I think youtube s compression just made it worse. I dont think there is much I can do about it now but I increased the bitrate on shadowplay and it should be fine for new clips.



    1. Jaster


      livestream just went down when it was over


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