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  1. Jaster


    O7 @ Noahhh! we never talked or played but your videos and content on the forums are amazing gl with whatever you do
  2. My first react in like 2 months
  3. yoo i pull up

    1. Kyle Nolan

      Kyle Nolan

      yoo qt u still play arma?

    2. Jaster


      not rly.. occasionally get on to smurf on koth

  4. Good event 🙂

  5. Whole Lotta Red tonight :pogchamp:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jaster


      people who use the word "mid" think nba youngboy is a good rapper

    3. Drippp
    4. Lime
  6. 2016 election was crazy. I remember Trump being such a funny and entertaining candidate compared to the others, the way he would speak and talk during debates was so outlandish it was hard not to be interested in what he had to say. If you look back at some of those debates its such good content.
  7. This video hits different from last election.

    1. Millennium


      Like a week ago my youtube recommended was flooded with these types of videos lol

  8. happy birthday jaystar

    1. Jaster


      thank you dealer

  9. TY for coming out to gang wars guys. Sry about the scuffed stream it was last minute and I had never used the spectator cam before.

    1. Billeh


      can’t be as scuffed as the last few...

  10. Happy Birthday @Lorax ur the best

  11. IDK what the fuck is going on because I'm an inactive bitch but I love the Plague boys.

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