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  1. I can't list a favorite song so here are my top 3 in no order:
  2. i like how i said this and you disliked my comment, makes sense
  3. I want more video games!
  4. I'm ready for gang wars.


    1. Savage


      i would say the same

    2. Jaster


      @Savage wish i could play in it :(

    3. sin


      Im on roster but I literally I'm in LA now and am trying to figure out how to please my family and play on my laptop lamoooo 

  5. who is commentating with @Peter Long
  6. #FreeElements I'm not going to comment on if prime should be unbanned or not but I really miss fighting against them. Nowadays the only gangs I ever see in fights are BW and TI.
  7. is this /r/arma?
  8. Easy to get shot out of, wheels are easy to shoot out, slower, no smokes
  9. A freshspawn with surfer clothes can tank at least one rook shot but a gillie suit can't? I sure hope it's a bug and not intentional
  10. I came here for the expert nunu gameplay.
  11. No love for quizlet?
  12. could the gang wars vods be posted here?
  13. I'm still excited for it. I watched the last gang wars from start to finish and I am going to try to do that again for this one.
  14. 144 Cuphead
  15. you know cable companies have agreements between eachother right? the same can happen with ISPs

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