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  1. @Lorax Do you happen to work at Universal?


  2. Why when I upload a youtube video it looks good in the video file but when i upload it looks pixelated when there is any movement in the video.

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    2. RogueMK


      i use sony vegas, and my bitrate render is 240,000,000 and resolution in 3840 x 2160, if you able to change the bitrate in your render settings put it high as mine if premiere pro allows it that high if not just get as close to as possible. It will take triple the time to render but for the quality its worth
      below is the quality of my side chat


    3. codeYeTi


      The quality could also be getting downgraded on the down stream if it's detecting that your internet isn't really handling that good of quality. I've had that happen sometimes when I upload high quality VODs to some less-than-perfect streaming sites.

      That said, I wouldn't exactly expect that kind of thing from YouTube.

    4. Jaster


      @RogueMK @codeYeTi this is as high as it will let me go with bitrate. 4k resolution upload and it was still giving me really pixelly shit when there was movement. going to try doing the bitrate at 300 mbps and see if that works



      Ok so guys I think I may have figured it out. The bitrate i set shadowplay to record at was really low for some reason and I think youtube s compression just made it worse. I dont think there is much I can do about it now but I increased the bitrate on shadowplay and it should be fine for new clips.



    1. Jaster


      livestream just went down when it was over

  4. Jaster

    IM GONNA FOLLOW THIS [email protected]!!!!!!!
  5. Does anyone know if the full gillie suit bug is fixed?

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    2. MAV


      Really? I'll have to do some testing

    3. Jamie



    4. SPBojo


      its working now dw

  6. Happy Birthday @Zurph. Best gang leader raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa:ca443f4786.u2.

    Edited by Jaster
    1. Zurph



    2. Jaster


      @ZurphI'll be back from college and on my pc on the 11th. You still playing that mmo Viking game?

  7. This new tanks dlc is werid af. The strider and ifrit sounds and handling are fucked and the new AAF apc is a fucking armored go cart.

  8. We back boys.


    1. DeadPoll


      Y I K E S 

  9. Jaster

    I can't list a favorite song so here are my top 3 in no order:
  10. Jaster

    i like how i said this and you disliked my comment, makes sense
  11. Jaster

    I want more video games!
  12. I'm ready for gang wars.


    1. Savage


      i would say the same

    2. Jaster


      @Savage wish i could play in it :(

    3. sin


      Im on roster but I literally I'm in LA now and am trying to figure out how to please my family and play on my laptop lamoooo 

  13. Jaster

    who is commentating with @Peter Long
  14. Jaster

    #FreeElements I'm not going to comment on if prime should be unbanned or not but I really miss fighting against them. Nowadays the only gangs I ever see in fights are BW and TI.

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