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  1. @Elements happy birthday brother

  2. Runs are dead because the process of doing a run in Altis Life hasn't really changed since the start and people would rather buy money, bet, or play cop/r&r than spam windows key and watch a processing bar. Olympus should be the server to revamp how drug runs are done. TLDR: runs are fucking boring and need to be reworked.

    1. swervy


      yeah after playing this game for 5 years id rather stuff my ass with ice cubes than waste an hour of my life doing a shitty frog run

    2. JuanDeaged


      Maybe add something like asylums scotch runs where it has to sit in your house or something 

  3. New Drake isn't bad

    1. Headless


      Could be better his middle career is much better. 

    2. Lime


      Carti verse is cheeks

  4. @nomadox happy birthday noma

    1. nomadox


      thanks nerd 


  6. When do you guys guess Arma 4 will be announced/released? I'm guessing announcement this year with showcase of engine, then next year early access release.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JuanDeaged


      If it’s the dayz engine I’m gone. Can’t stand combat on dayz it feels so clunky.

    3. Jaster


      @JuanDeaged it’s a render of Dayz engine. When this “render” was implemented it fixed a lot of dayz performance issues. It’s not the mechanics of the new engine probably just the back end idk

    4. Vcx


      If anything just watch psisyns video on Arma 4 he honestly explains it pretty well and like accurate to the best as anyone's guess is 

  7. I think if Arma 4 comes out players like us who play unique game modes with a focus on pvp will be disappointed. Bohemia has shown they are going to keep moving the arma series to make it more and more realistic. This is shown starting at the jets dlc where they made the cas jets more clunky to fly, added kick on their cannons, and cluttered the UI to be more “realistic”. While adding jets that go 2x as fast and are focused on AA spamming instead of dogfighting with a cannon. More relevant to Olympus in the tanks dlc changed the camera In vehicles to be more centered to the player, made the camera shake when moving up terrain, and fucked with the driving of cars to make them less responsive and more slippery. I will still get excited for arma 4 when it’s announced and I’ll probably try it but I doubt it will be fun to play for players who like game modes like altis life or KOTH.
  8. A friend got me into the Valorant beta this shit better be good.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jaster


      didn't even watch twitch streams. my friend knows a guy who works with riot  @bastro 

    3. vedalkenn


      the one riot game asians wont beat my ass in

    4. Dealer


      ayyo hook me up



    1. Dealer


      this song is trash

  10. Can we make war zone island a conquest option? I feel like over the past couple weeks when I get on to fight it’s mostly for conquest in a random field instead of fighting on og or church. Just make the conquest zone The island then make church and og the only caps.

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Elements


      gta got 3 hours of constant fights oly has competition, i dont play that shit server though

    3. Linka


      if this happens i better not see any cartel player complaining about people only fighting on OG again

    4. Jaster


      People who complain probably don’t even participate in the conquest events anyway. Make WZ A voted cap and if it’s voted make it stay at WZ the whole conquest. You will see how every event WX will be voted, people will show up, and it will go back to how cartel events used to be. Right now the only fights you can really get on oly is conquest and even that’s dead bc of these random areas where the only way to win is to Zerg in ifrits.

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