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  1. Jaster

    Never forget Nomads o7 my friend. @GhostFace
  2. o7 its been fun


    1. Evann


      shut up retard

    2. Proud


      u were scripting and still shit? lmaoooooooooo

      nvm apparently everyone getting permed so ur still bad tho

    3. Dealer


      ahaha stupid jaystar I always knew u were cheating, even since easys

  3. Jaster

    Even tho it was scuffed as fuck, thanks to the hosts for at least trying and finishing it all the way through. GG
  4. Jaster

    God Tier stream
  5. Why ZoomZoom has the best stream.

  6. Jaster

    o7 ngl I liked the troll shit you would post
  7. Jaster

    o7 Peter thank you for everything you did for the community. I remember when I first joined and watched a gang wars that you put on and I had a great time. GL with whatever you have to deal with.
  8. Dude how the fuck do you have over 2 billion negative rep

    1. Tiger


      He posts pretty shitty montages

    2. Jaster


      That's toxic!

      Edited by Jaster
    3. thor


      1 hour ago, Tiger said:

      He posts pretty shitty montages

      fuck you!

  9. Wait wtf you're a cop? @Zurph

  10. Jaster

    what does that even mean?
  11. Jaster

    5 mill
  12. Jaster

    Listen buddy I don't use the gun at all so stop roasting me.
  13. Jaster

    Want to sell Zaphir so I actually have some money, looking to sell this quick post offers below.
  14. Thank god prime got unbanned now free @Connor McGregor

    Edited by Jaster

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