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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Thank god prime got unbanned now free @Connor McGregor

    Edited by Jaster
  2. Ok can we talk for a minute about whats with all the people with the devil shadow girls as profile pictures? what the fuck is this @Jimmy Jarvis @Bman @Leo. @xanx 

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    2. yungxanwiththeuzi
    3. indian


      1 hour ago, Gf. said:

      called being a gothic little horny retard


    4. Bman


      lmfao wtf! didn't even noticed there was a squad of us.

  3. Jaster

    Switch every 30 min between arms and og. Chrome and a couple others held cap solo for a bit contesting our cap. The 2nd team was made purely bc there were people who wanted to play that were in plague but couldnt be on the main roster. The only time we wern't killing them was before the event started.
  4. @DeadPooL Are you streaming the event?

  5. Jaster

    Same thing happened to me, it was the gpu it somehow was not letting the computer boot so I had to buy another one.
  6. Jaster

    @Zurph @DawnRally the troops!
  7. Jaster

    Obviously but I 90% of the time am wearing a wetsuit, lvl 3, and mk1 and when i kill anyone csats or not I never get more than 1-2 per kill. It needs to be changed. It was ridiculous before where you sometimes got 5-6 per kill randomly but there for sure needs to be a buff to them to make progression better for cartel fighters. The best way to get warpoints now is to bait cops into warzone to kill them, not by fighting gangs.
  8. Jaster

    On the topic of war points. The war point system atm is completely broken from what it was. If I have a mk1 loadout without csats I get 1-2 points per kill but when I die I lose 2-3???????? Also if I have a type which used to be infamous for being a gun to get warpoints with you get 2-3 per kill and lose 2 per death. These ratios make no sense. A cartel fighter's main way to see progression is through warpoints and currently the ratios make it so annoyingly slow to gain a lot of them.
  9. Jaster

    Plague has been strong as fuck and with Apache it will be even better.
  10. Jaster

    that might be true, idk I just know that when @Connor McGregor played he didnt seem to have a problem with getting people on to fight
  11. Jaster

    wait im confused, are you suggesting im apache ban evading?
  12. Jaster

    Id like to be the first to use this program by referring @ApacheWarrior !!! He has suffered long enough and should get to play again. I expect my 1 mill in my bank by tomorrow.
  13. Jaster

    Thank you.
  14. Jaster

    The only gangs at the moment that I see that are constantly fighting are Plague, ML, and CZ. I hardly see TI on except for a couple of players here and there because of connor's ban, Enemy is going back to asylum because of the changes made there, idk I just hope that something is done soon to promote more cartel life. I know that its not all Olympus is but it sucks as a cartel player to see only a few gangs fighting.

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