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  1. pm me will buy them all at good prices.
  2. Looking to buy stings/mxs/promets. Will pay good prices!
  3. Have 2 S1 Syrta houses and 1 dp5 garage.
  4. Sold. $9.5m to mr db majestic
  5. I mean i have the at offroad and you dont, why dont you show everyone the video of you getting dumped on while your a enemy gang to me and me taking it? Thanks!
  6. Selling AT OFFROAD Message me offers we can negotiate there. If you are interested and want any proof message me.
  7. need this sold asap msg me cheappp
  8. Need to sell this asap message me.
  9. Group mates? No. Enemy gang? Yes i did lmao. You should watch the video of it! You'll be able to see for yourself what happened.
  10. Same engagement rules apply to people with a hit on them.
  11. If anyone is interested id be happy to show them before they buy lol.
  12. [S1] SELLING HEROIN/FROG HOUSE Has 700 virtual storage, makes good money per runs and is in great location only 150m from heroin field. House comes with 260 unpro'd heroin and 150 unpro'd frogs inside it. Location Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/2ce65f1594a89bfe7668190f60fef317 looking to sell this ASAP PM me if interested.
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