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  1. CucumberJack

    @Capricorn lmk when you're on
  2. Selling a 3-crater that can see Kavala APD from the main hill. It can view majority of all APD. You can annoy APD and either rack a phat bounty, or annoy APD when they are processing. Taking offers House Balcony view: http://prntscr.com/kz80fv House Window view:https://prnt.sc/kz814c Map view of house: http://prntscr.com/kz80jj
  3. CucumberJack

    +1 @Kden Needs to be next.
  4. CucumberJack

    No, I would like not to see white boys posting clips of themselves smoking weed and thinking their ego is bigger than a trashmaster. I'll pass on that.
  5. CucumberJack

    miss VX
  6. CucumberJack

    He's brain dead anyways.
  7. CucumberJack

  8. CucumberJack

    B U M P always sellin. lmk @charliepoyntz
  9. CucumberJack

  10. CucumberJack

  11. CucumberJack

    have 88, selling all. will sell cheap
  12. CucumberJack

    like 30 http://prntscr.com/jwt5e4
  13. CucumberJack

  14. CucumberJack

    Why you tryna sell striders on my thread? like
  15. CucumberJack

    @Africa I'll be on tonight if you're online. @D Ganja if interested. @lil Caillou be on tonight

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