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  1. The people who "created" the "Cathook" RCE said theirs was fake, however it doesn't mean that it still isn't possible.
  2. There is a huge exploit going around right now allowing RCE on TF2. If I've gathered info correctly, it was a CS:GO leak that enabled the RCE exploit of TF2.
  3. Play CS:GO and TF2 at your own risk. It's advised that you do not launch the game at all until more info is out about it. As much I've gathered is that some dude was fired off a cs;go hydra project and he leaked source code of csgo and it's enabled people to execute remote code. 


    1. Vcx


      Bruh its fake watchu on about 

    2. Vcx


      And even if people had access to that stuff that doesn't mean anything lol

    3. zoomzooooooom
  4. do you see what I see?

    1. DeadPool


      group tag??

  5. do i cop? 

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    2. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      I’ve actually got a 10.5” 5.56 PSA. I’ve got about 1500 rounds through it. Haven’t oiled or cleaned it. No malfunctions yet, and I run mostly Tula 55gr .223 through it. I did upgrade to a BCM handguard though. The OEM one kept walking loose. My dad’s .300 BLK doesn’t have that problem. I can agree their QC could be better, but $590 (if you include the price of the handguard) for a gun that runs like a top is good for me. 

    3. Raquese


      @Fat Clemenza tbh I don't trust rifles until the 5k mark, ive see first hand out of the box psa ars having FTF or FTE in the first 100

    4. Lime


      As with most entry level builds like stuff from PSA or Century, there's gonna be a mix of good and bad. It's a bit of a crap shoot: some rifles come out good, some meh, some really shitty. Just involves the trust you have in QC and the company vs. how much you're tryna spend and the slight risk you might have.

  6. bdo is currently free on steam


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    2. PoptartRex


      Wouldn't an open box potentially be more harmful to performance due to more objects being placed at a time?

    3. grar21


      @TheCmdrRex Not if you do it the right way. If you replace the current briefcase with an open box for example, nothing should change. Take it a step further by then calling a client-side script that spawns local objects that attachs the that server object, that way each client handles their own 'anchored' 'client-side' props.

    4. PoptartRex


      @grar21 That doesn't sound too different then how a lot of the custom map objects are currently placed. Which just makes me curious if there would be an impact for players if there was a larger fight or lots of deaths in an area. 

      What I think would be even cooler is if (and I'm not entirely sure on the possibility of this), the y-inventory just was attached to a players dead body (exception if body despawns or body died in car). Then it could even be realistic to have the y-inventory left automatically return on the person if they were revived. More of a loot the dead player type of idea I dunno 

  7. @Ryan when does my Olympus Entertainment W-2 come in? also is it by mail or can I get a PDF version sent to my email?

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    2. Millennium
    3. DeadPool
    4. ooooooooo


      If you guys were intellectuals like me you would know his email is actually [email protected]

  8. Free my guys @Civak, @Zahzi, @Mr Majestic. They aren't locked up or nothin, they just retarded.

  9. what if i told u, u werent actually chrisgg
  10. saurens battle bus really do be moving tho
  11. @Civak get ready we're dropping hot predictions: construction worker wins the game
  12. just don't combat log and you won't have an issue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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