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  1. Either way some people take word of support as admin even with them being told not so
  2. nice as far as I know yes, @Mr Majestic
  3. sorry buddy, im contributing to the community im not shitposting so don’t worry about it
  4. Most people consider them them one and the same
  5. Ayeeee fiber cert nibbas, glass cable tm I’m also osha 10 certified
  6. I didn’t even know you were perma’d but regardless, you don’t just get instantly permed unless you do something huge like duping or scripting. You must have done stuff that also led up to it and you only have yourself to blame for that. I promise it 99% wasn’t that you were permed for being annoying or pissing off a staff member. If that was the case @Hylos would probably perm everyone lol Anywho, the VDM that is allowed that I’m saying is: * You are getting shot at and you are unarmed and you can get away * You run X person over in attempt to leave so you don’t die, while not causing the X person to die by you
  7. That’s not what I said, amigo. Los Siento, I mean that what happened in the video are two different things from what you are saying. VDM is allowed to a certain extent, that of which that doesn’t cause death / property loss from the person that VDMs you @rapidaax @SecTranLive @Creepy what do you guys think outside of a ticket wise To my knowledge 3 people I just @‘d are decent staff members As far as comp goes, comp requests are a bit of a process and sometimes staff gets lazy but that’s human nature for those monkeys as they put up with the bullshit that people throw at them but they still do it and not to mention only certain people can do the comp requests. There is more to it than just sending you 500k more or less.
  8. what VDM by definition is allowed, however if you spangle them you cannot kill them. The allowing of spangle vdm is on the basis that it is a last resort and you are attempting to flee or “save your life” it’s literally in the rules what happened in the video are two different things though
  9. the Quote I said lol from apd the other day
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