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  1. 2.7
  2. Thanks for trading, +1
  3. yes i am
  4. Sells Bulk at regular Price.. Wants you to guess how much he wants for it... 100% worthless and u will waste your money with this guy.
  5. its not the servers its something in middle, other outages 

    1. Shiv1


      thansk for the updat e mr president 

  6. ya ill do that, hit me up tomarrow. crashing ill be online early
  7. still looking bin 5mil
  8. After they let you go your engagement is over, they can not take u hostage again, do what ever the fuck u want after.
  9. ill 2mil BIN everything If I get a list
  10. bin all Spar 16s him with price
  11. Ill stick with the 11, Everything is still over Priced. Just a few months ago the Market Never Crashed.... I dont think the forums understands this and the pricing of shit. and on top of the the Heron is not #1 no more its #2 5mil Armed Offroad /10mil Heli unless Ghosthawk
  12. it got over paid, nothing worth that much
  13. 11
  14. Need to wait until 2pm EST
  15. ya im looking

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