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  1. 2mil
  2. 1921x464 fits
  3. I got it from the Billboards not players.
  4. Vest not sold at Gun Store for WPL
  5. 1. 20 Mil 2. Dependes on the amount Upgraded, 2mil / 30 Days if 10/10 Storage and 10/10 Crates 3. Starts at 1000 and upgrades 10 times to 10,0000 at 1.5mil, Storge Crates are the same just crates 4. 10K 5. 1.5 Mil per Invitory and Stoagre So a Make Inv Shed will Cost 35mil and 50mil for both Inv/Storage Max* Cant spell today i know this bc I own it
  6. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824025101 LG 27MC37HQ-B Glossy Black 27" 5ms (GTG) IPS Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Multi-Tasking Monitor, 1920 x1080 w/ Dual Smart Solutions and Flicker Safe Mode, D-Sub/HDMI $149 + free shipping
  7. @Hurricane There is that little kid shit we talked about, btw I rekt your whole squad last night and they didnt say shit. Why u goto keep running your mouth? bot? lol making shit up now i see.. @DashTonic, if it the one with the ATM attached to it? just south of the gas station?
  8. grr server 2
  9. ? Kinda like when i Vig u and u screaming like a 12 year old about Vig Abuse lol get good kid
  10. Hey Vx, lol sounds like u guys are salty Here is a Spoon to dig the Sand out of your Vagina