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  1. Anyone want a spot in the “Best of Olympus” tage worth 20 bucks that will trade me a wargaming 20 dollar card
  2. Going over the clips I have right now, if you still haven't linked me your clips do it fast af 


  3. Just ask @last he knows everything from astronomy to apd questions he’ll be your study buddie
  4. My guy it’s easy don’t stress
  5. Viper

    I have one I’ll sell you for 20 and I’ll throw in a free dms
  6. Viper

    I’d rather use my moms credit card on armed planes but after seeing this hot damn it’s about to change.
  7. @hawk congrats babe 

    1. hawk


      thanks red baron viper :)  

  8. Viper

    broke bitch how much did you expect?
  9. Viper

    Selling s2 abdera 4 crater 7 mill
  10. Nick I wouldn't fuck with him... 


    1. LiL J

      LiL J

      It could be @Google ban evading, watch out boys!

  11. Viper

    Lowest I’d go is 6.5 sorry.
  12. Viper

    I have a 4 crater in abdera 7 mill
  13. Happy birthday at last, stay out of your garage for a bit :Kappa: @last


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