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  1. 25 mil + $25 Visa card giveaway, Goodluck boys, eta 6 days

  2. On my momma theres a 10 mil giveaway with an AT offroad going to one winner, Goodluck.


  3. eta 2 hrs for 10 mil giveaway, join if you want.


  4. Only 25 people in the 10 mil giveaway with the armed qilin, join boys https://discord.gg/mPYFgrY

  5. If you were a big brain you would join giveaway for $10 mil and armed qilin


  6. $10 mil Olympus + Armed Qilin to start off, next giveaway $20 mil Olympus + At offroad.... and so on


  7. If you sign up with my referral link and SS I’ll give you 5 mil in game if you complete your account


    1. buckie


      no problem Julian Puccio

    2. Viper


      @buckie you could've found my name from my paypal b :Kappa: 

  8. @Ryan will spend some of the donation goal money on a nice present for you. HBD 

    1. Viper


      God I hope Ryan Owns up to that. Thank you tho :wub:

  9. Happy Birthday!

    1. Viper


      Thanks babe. Sorry I yelled at you yesterday :( 

    2. destruct


      2 hours ago, Viper said:

      Thanks babe. Sorry I yelled at you yesterday :( 

      Don't you worry, enjoy your Birthday :)

  10. happy birthday black amex

    1. Viper


      Thannnkkkk youuuu 

  11. Ryan

    Happy Birthday to the DAY 1 HOMIE. No matter what this man gives zero shits and always keeps it real :wub: love you man enjoy finally being legal. Also I sent this 30 min earlier for you because my time is superior and it’s 12:30 now :) 








    now I can send pics without catching a case ;) 

    1. Viper


      Thanks a lot Ryan. One of the only people I can bully and still have fun with. Thanks for not being a sensitive Jew :wub:

  12. 1 year ago, I found my moms Amex. 

  13. Viper

    I dont give a shit about Jake, but sometimes you gotta give people a chance. Sob story or not mans took the time and has been waiting to legitimately play instead of cutting corners, give him some credibility and another chance. Whats the worst that could happen? He hacks and gets banned? #FreeJake
  14. Viper

    Jake is god awful, kid was not cheating on Olympus can confirm. Another chance, because fuckit.

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