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  1. "I got cops on me" - @Huskers 


    @Dante why.

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    2. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic

      Honestly might be safer for the cartel monkeys to start fighting in Kavala at this point. Dante what have you done?!

    3. Dante


      @Mr Majestic I brought the fight to you. You're welcome

    4. N7Zero


      i think its time...



  2. Viper

    I’ll drive over to your house and get on my knees for a 9mm, shits like a 20 min drive to your house lol.
  3. You will always be remembered. RIP @Ryan


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    2. Civak


      did you take that screensaver pic with your drone

    3. Viper
    4. Civak


      @Viper zooming in on your plates as we speak

  4. Viper

    I’ll give you 3hrs worth of plane lessons.
  5. Tell your wife I said hey. @Dezree anyways... happy birthday 

    1. communistjosh


      Catch this perm lil nibba

  6. I knew this was gonna happen, I just didn't want it to happen... https://gyazo.com/606eab50cc620d47fbd57d2f9af7592a

    1. Millennium


      Someone did that too me and copied the gang tags and all, they ended up getting sent to jail for a 500K bounty without even having a bounty

  7. btw 


    1. Viper


      @Mako :Kappa: you asked for it on the other post, what did you expect 

    2. Mako
  8. Happy birthday @ThatNerdyGuy why are planes still a mil? 

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      Thanks man. I’m working on it. 

  9. If you dont have any clips start recording, I’m gonna wait a few weeks to start so everyone gets their clips in, this ones gonna be longer than the first. :) 

  10. Viper

    2.1 mil
  11. Viper

    ill do 15 mil or 15 planes your choice
  12. Viper

    8 mil and a months rent for the envg’s
  13. Viper

  14. Viper

  15. Viper

    I’ll give you a “sit on castle without getting plane’d” free card.

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