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  1. Boys if you have ANY problems with olympus / how its being run / how things are done in game / apd / civ life text me your name followed by your concern and ill personally shit your message down Ryans throat. 

    Text me at 720-449-2911

    1. ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      ɹ ǝ ʇ s u o ɯ

      my concern is why is monster banned all the time and hes still here????

    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      if i paypal you will it get there faster

    3. Viper


      I don’t see why expedited shipping couldn’t be an option 🤐

  2. Does anyone actually have any good clips that are new for a best of Olympus 4?

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. Proud


      i love getting doxed by nobodies

    3. HoesMad


      once again, nobody > raging prepubescent teen who throws tantrums on video games

    4. Proud


      Closest ur ever gonna get to the truth so think it

  3. Amen, you all already have my PayPal so nobody’s getting banned
  4. how are we able to play on NY servers I thought there was a bad storm? @ikiled :Kappa:d118de79f92d9334d7f962f81294eb0d.png

  5. https://hurricanedorianbooter.net
    @Peter Long is "Hurricane Dorian" code for something :Kappa:

  6. sauce up some Toasty Bets Inc then bb im gonna stick to my ez bookie methods, but the odds for that match will be correct.
  7. Thats one way of doing things, but im gonna set things up as if this is a horse race, because it would be aids to keep changing odds depending on everyones bets as everything has to be done in game via money transfers
  8. 100k USD got me unpermed As of now there will be match betting, compared to CSGO betting. Another thing im thinking of adding would be individual player bets such as "most kills" and such.
  9. I am going to be doing team betting for sure, but are yall interested in player betting such as more in depth betting? An example could be, "Most kills in round 1" or "First kill in round 2" or "2 round win for team 1"
  10. 1-800-273-8255 serious inquiries only.
  11. @Jimmy Jarvis so consider that your team bet
  12. Im still thinking things through, I just don't want it to be the finals and then said player puts a wager on the other team because the odds are better and throws the match. But I see what you're saying, no you cant bet on your winning team.
  13. Information After taking some time off I have decided to come back and have some fun. That being said I will be housing bets for gang wars matches. Bets will be placed through my system that will be available to the public in the near future. Once gang war rosters are finalized and submitted this thread will be updated to reflect odds for the corresponding matches and lineups. If you are concerned with your wager and feel that I am not a reputable holder, ask around. I am going to be as transparent as possible with my booking system once I am able to see the finalized rosters. How To Wager Once betting odds are available, I will have a scheduled time period where if you are interested in putting in a wager then you may. At this time one will transfer funds to my personal bank via wire transfer / in person. At this point I will hold your funds and allocate them to the correct wager slots. Those that wager will then be given a confirmation number so they may receive their winning at the end of the event. Confirmation numbers will be granted as the collection of player ID's would be a hassle. Note, if you lose your confirmation number consider your wager a donation. More information will be given at a later date. Rules Minimum wager of $100,000 Olympus Cash Payment ONLY Need confirmation number to cash out Additional Information : Aegon Bets is not affiliated with Olympus Entertainment, this is a private display of entertainment through online wagers. Rules are subject to change if requested. Players that fix matches based on their wagers will lose all holdings. Players are not allowed to wager for their corresponding matches, this is to prevent teams going after a lump sum of money instead of going for the dub. By submitting bets you verify that you are of age and that all financial responsibility is demonstrated in full by the lending party. Aegon Bets is in compliance with Olympus and Bohemia monetary policy as these wagers will be payed out through in game currency. No transfers will take place outside of the server settings 1-3. Those that seek help regarding betting habits are advised to seek counseling, those in the continental US can reach out by calling or texting 1-800-522-4700 data rates may apply. For those that don't already know Ryan is a Jew. If money placed through wagers is suspected to be duped, it will be checked and appropriate action will take place. If there is an absurd amount of miscalculation for betting odds, Aegon Bets is able to go and payout winning out of pocket, a 100 million dollar cushion is set for this inconvenient circumstance. On top of this cushion Aegon Bets may payout winnings through warspoints valued at $15k a piece to fulfill wager payouts. Aegon Bets is not sponsored nor endorsed by Olympus staff yet has been accepted to take place throughout this term of gang wars. Once games have concluded payouts will be announced at a upcoming date after all matches are finished. If you think this looks official drop a like. Wagers will be payed out through wire transfer for convenience, this being said a fee will be deducted out of your holdings / winnings. For more information regarding Aegon Bets and its booking information please feel free to contact me via pm On top of the Gang Wars Winning prize pool, I will be granting $25 Mill to the winning team if available.
  14. Started getting into FiveM, decided to put together some funny moments! In light of this new series im doing a $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Check the description of the video below for details.



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