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  1. e3195caf0f7e9b157867e1d3e1ebbdfe.png
    When you're that bad the game decides to give you extra chances 

    1. Millennium


      damn @hawk your really weighing down the team man

    2. hawk


      Bruh 1v1 NO BALLS

  2. didnt even @ the hand that fed you, thats fucked. @Ryan
  3. @xDRO happy fucking birthday h-town till you drown

  4. giveaway is up boys get your points 

    1. Cale


      is it over or is the stream down?

  5. Doing 100 Mil giveaway tonight around 9-12am CST dont miss out plebs

  6. Boys its all good I will still outlast @destruct in bed. Community $100 Mil Giveaway is back up, gonna happen sometime this weekend so be ready! Open to everyone!


    1. Xeltini


      All welcome to participate if able to get online!

  7. Boys if you have ANY problems with olympus / how its being run / how things are done in game / apd / civ life text me your name followed by your concern and ill personally shit your message down Ryans throat. 

    Text me at 720-449-2911

    1. M0N5T3R


      my concern is why is monster banned all the time and hes still here????

    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      if i paypal you will it get there faster

    3. Viper


      I don’t see why expedited shipping couldn’t be an option ?

  8. Does anyone actually have any good clips that are new for a best of Olympus 4?

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. Proud


      i love getting doxed by nobodies

    3. HoesMad


      once again, nobody > raging prepubescent teen who throws tantrums on video games

    4. Proud


      Closest ur ever gonna get to the truth so think it

  9. how are we able to play on NY servers I thought there was a bad storm? @ikiled :Kappa:d118de79f92d9334d7f962f81294eb0d.png

  10. sauce up some Toasty Bets Inc then bb im gonna stick to my ez bookie methods, but the odds for that match will be correct.
  11. Thats one way of doing things, but im gonna set things up as if this is a horse race, because it would be aids to keep changing odds depending on everyones bets as everything has to be done in game via money transfers
  12. 100k USD got me unpermed As of now there will be match betting, compared to CSGO betting. Another thing im thinking of adding would be individual player bets such as "most kills" and such.
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