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  1. o7 @Wong

    Edited by Viper
  2. happy birth day @Viper

    1. Viper


      Thanks man :) 

  3. Viper

    3.5 mill
  4. @Jesse would it be possible to add something after 100 plane kills like "Ass Clapper" or something that is more challenging, because other titles go into the 1000 score range?

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    2. Viper


      32 minutes ago, Google said:

      WTF How did you already do that.... Also if you want a new title just message Kurt with the # and title name. He loves doing Titles.

      aight thats a bet 

    3. Zurph


      ass clapper

    4. Savage


      Make it "Cartel Roach+"

  5. Heard Medics have been talking shit about my life... apparently ppl I don’t even know. If you don’t know me keep my name out of ya mouth...

  6. Happy Birthday @Xeltini Congrats on Corp! :Kappa:

    1. Xeltini


      Thanks homie. And YIKES

  7. Viper

    Like pay the bills money or loadout money
  8. Viper

    when PayPal doesn’t let you charge back so you gotta sell your new hawk.
  9. They asked me not to pipe them in a plane,I preformed. 


    1. MAV



    2. kev


      still made it out with the rest of the bars :P

    3. DashTonic


      I was wondering how many rockets you had

  10. Don’t you hate when you “snake” Trident funds? @DeadPool


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    2. Xeltini


      I know I am a career cop. I was just explaining a few reasons why I decided to leave and career cop. I'll be back on civ sooner or later. 

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      @McDili I just say it as it is. Some ranks bought with money and you know it’s true.  

      @Xeltini reporting goes both ways, I rarely submit on anyone too but some apd guy sent in a vdm vid of me cause he was standing in the hq gate and I drove through and Spangled him... I don’t know what gang you think you played on before that was so righteous since every gang in history has been toxic AF. I’ve been in most of them except for the asylum gangs and it’s all the same. Only difference is it’s a new round of players. 

      Aslong as Gary is still here so I can rotor tap him I’ll have a purpose. 

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I accept your challenge.  Ask @snipeZ how I feel about orcas ;D

  11. Viper

    In an Apd thread over the handbook.... yeah sure.
  12. Viper

    Yikes, bringing civ life onto the forums.
  13. Viper

    Oof, you’re Civ rep leave it to that if @TheCmdrRex says we can pipe, im gonna pipe.

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