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  1. Everyone else is playing Battlegrounds and here I am just playing Astroneer

    1. Tommy Wiseau

      Tommy Wiseau

      astroneer is lit tho

  2. I mean....i got a couple of 50 cals that need impounding.
  3. Shameless plug: Come watch Talindor and I play some horror/survival Arma 3:


  4. That moment you realize looks can kill:


    1. JBruesch


      XD 11 outta fuckin 10

  5. While I can't speak for all of them, this definitely ain't my style
  6. That's fair, I knew it wouldn't affect much, i knew it was the client side 64bit that would affect players more. Knowing BI though I don't expect too much
  7. Question about the 64bit servers, you mentioned before it probably wouldn't make that much of a difference at all for clients. Why is that? I would think when clients have to pull from the server 64 bit would help with handling that load,wouldnt it?
  8. As far as I'm aware they mentioned that they're not yet. There's certain tweaks on the back end that need to happen before they can switch over to 64
  9. Lock the thread? How else do I entertain myself at work though?
  10. It's "gay af"? You didn't seem to have a problem with the server until they caught and banned you
  11. For real, ask for 10% of the exploited money found as a result. Easy 72 mil.
  12. Looks like you take the cake with a total of 41% of the exploited money coming from you
  13. Thanks!
  14. Yup. Tim was only a whopping 8.5%
  15. Another way to break down the numbers: 62.2% was .50 cals 26.9% off of medic striders 6.7% off Blackwater vehicles 4% off of hemmt transports The person who reported it asked for only .27% of the total exploited money.
  16. Wow. Fun fact @ForrestAbbot you were responsible for 12.5% of the exploited money.
  17. What happened to my story you were gonna give me?

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    2. TheRandomOne


      I'm just waiting for the "Water is wet" story lead 

    3. Jesse


      16 minutes ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

      I feel like it's being overly hyped but I don't know. 


    4. TheRandomOne


      Think I found the story

  18. Apparently there is an outage in my area. RIP internet.


    Fuckin comcast.

    1. Jesse


      No one will miss you.

    2. TheRandomOne


      That's what I'm hoping for. Wouldn't want to inconvienence anyone

  19. Reminds me of the time Lil Bill thought Jesse spawned us nades
  20. Im running it just fine myself
  21. Well I wouldn't be surprised if most servers haven't switched over to 64 bit servers (pretty sure Olympus hasn't yet) so what they might be noticing improvements on is things that are client-side, whereas people who haven't had those issues don't notice much of a difference. What will be interesting is when servers starting switching over to 64bit, that's when I think we'll really start to notice changes.
  22. Besides the obvious stated reasons from a coding perspective you'd have to make this non exploitable for houses, a check of some kind and it'd be annoying. Think of all the checks: 1. That it's a gang shed, not a house 2. How many players of attacking gang are on 2A. Check is done by who is in the gang group (not sure if/how that's done) 2B. Check is done by player names easily exploitable) 2C. Player ID (not realistic) 3. How many defenders are on ( see 2A, 2B, and 2C) 4. This means you could get into their crates(potential to exploit for houses if there's a way into inventory) 5. A way to "lock" it back up (potentially also exploitable) It's a cool idea,just impratical
  23. He knows the only thing he needs to know...that mercury ain't fuckin around.
  24. @Mercury got kids on the forum like:

    Image result for i'm a thief sign

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    2. Jesse


      Fucking robbed me of my childhood is what he fucking did.

    3. Ajax


      "I stole from others gameplay experiences by hacking" -Yobson

      Why the hell did it do that twice?

    4. lil boat