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  1. a 1 crater can hold 266 moonshine, max.
  2. Vic

    Quite possibly the most useless house ever.
  3. Vic

    I have a 2 crater in dp 25 for sale.
  4. Vic

    I have a 3 crater for sell in 22. 3 Mil
  5. Vic

    I have 4x4 craters and a garage in 22 on s1. Maybe we can meet in game so I can show you locations. I would prefer to keep the garage, but any houses I sell in 22 come with perm keys.
  6. Vic

    I have 2 3 craters in dp5 for sale.
  7. https://gyazo.com/c98b4e4f39baba9602a74e6e79b32d1b
  8. Vic

    I have a 4 crater in Telos on S1, hit me up on Steam, I added you.

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