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  1. Back in the USA. Nothing quite like being a Jew on a train in Germany though.

    1. Orgondo


      Literally just Lol'd at work.

    2. Raine
  2. When they call you "VX shitters" but you're one of the only major gangs on the server who hasn't had someone banned for scripting in March :Kappa:.

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Randyy


      Lol lil bill got unbanned because it was false lmao

    3. G.O.A.T.


      T H E

      F U C K I N G

      I R O N Y

    4. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      Remind me again, who had the child molester in their gang?  

  3. o7. hell of a guy.
  4. Have a 6750k, and 1070 now. Msg me. Msg me. Msg me. No sir.
  5. Anyone wanna buy an i7-6700k or GTX 970 off of me? Used for a couple months each, but in really good condition and well taken care of. MSG me for pricing.
  6. Combat restrain
  7. So, I got removed. Thanks for the times, APD. Looking forward to my LEO manslaughter count going crazy.
  8. this is sick
  9. what up fam. throw a picture of your setup below. include specs if you wanna it'd be cool to see what everyone is playing on.
  10. Kangaroos are so fucking scary. I don't know what it is but probably just the way they look like they're so confident every time they walk on two legs.
  11. +1 indeed. A really good idea.