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  1. DE, the makers of Warframe, have a new game in closed alpha called Keystone. It is a competitive FPS with deck building. Definitely worth checking out. Here is the ref link for the private closed beta sign up. https://www.playkeystone.com?referrerId=5928afc04cde6f53600eafe1

  2. If you use free look you don't have the camera lock.
  3. Until the servers are updated, you won't want to update Arma. If you did, you can downgrade by entering 'Arma3Legacy168' as a beta code. Right click game, properties, beta tab. Then Select the beta in the drop-down list (legacy - Legacy Build (1.68)

    1. RubberDuck


      thank you, was depressed...

    2. RogueMK


      When's Poseidon Likely to be awake to update? 

    3. Dante


      Anyone have a link to changelog?

  4. My shadow is Slenderman 316fd3894f8b5abc21d8255dcaae08bf.png

    1. Sociopathic


      So this is what the devs are always doing..



  5. I guess it's time to start on Kidneys. twitch.tv/SerpicoTV

    1. Brennan


      Inside S C O O P

    2. Tman15tmb


      Yea! Kidneys!! (OG Olympus times)

    3. DeadPool


      We need to talk some time

  6. It's time for Outlast 2 twitch.tv/SerpicoTV

  7. Never a dull moment with the APD 


  8. Tune in as I play Outlast for the first time twitch.tv/SerpicoTV

  9. Hotfix is up. - Fixed pulling vehicles from player owned garages and gangsheds - Fixed disappearing RnR requests
  10. Added • RnR Dispatch menu will display your distance to the unconscious player • New check that will clean up revive requests for disconnected players (map and dispatch menu) • RnR sirens for MH-9 Hummingbird • About 14 uniforms to Rebel outpost (including AAF divesuit) • About 4 L1 helmets, 8 L2 helmets, Mil Caps, boonies, caps to Rebel • Stavrou Tac Vest and GA Carrier Rig to Rebel • Several backpacks Changed • Kavala square object moved slightly to avoid blocked vehicle spawn • Improved performance for CTF and Roulette events • Request Medic button will be disabled when no medics are online • Text on gang shed sell dialog • RnR Dispatch menu is sorted by distance to player • Damage check to trigger taser downing in the hope to prevent accidental lethal Fixed • Medics will be readded to side chat on revive • RnR default loadout and RnR Crew Helmet rank requirement • Garages will use all available spawn points • Tempest Devices need to be in same range as player picking/mining range • Tweak to reduce tear gas lag • Pricing on helmets • Gasmask reduce tear gas effect • RnR delivery missions (not 100% tested, but positive it's good) Removed • Nothing ****A Hotfix will be applied to fix player owned garages and revive requests*****
  11. Servers coming back. Sorry about delay

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hydra


      post update log?

    3. Raine
    4. Serpico


      Server 2 is being restarted now. Remember to restart your Arma

  12. Can you spot the new rebel clothing items in the picture? 274867d9d58ac0fd47523f4e441b9f6d.jpg

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    2. Serpico


      All of it is new :)
      The vest was harder since it's just the none flag variant.

      8 minutes ago, Fernando_ said:

      Where is the gang war winners uniform?

      First I hear of this. Soooo nowhere.....

    3. Fuzy


      Nato Pilot Coveralls

    4. DeadPool


      +1 Nato Pilot Coveralls

  13. Most of what was suggested has been added in dev. I still need to discuss some of them with Poseidon. Some items suggested are APD or RnR item, duplicate (dif classname but same texture), legacy donor, blackwater loot item, because I didn't add it.

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