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  1. Heres what we're saying. You admins openly say this isent a serious rp server so all the little details arent needed they dont enhance rp cause theres very little on the server theyre causing players to drop frames and teture bug.
  2. I like people who post 2 times about the same thing in 1 hour just goto the gang fourm.
  4. I never heard no. so yes?
  5. I saw the word "Milking" i got very worried glad to see socio dident cheat on me.
  6. @Domo ArigatoIs that a yes?
  7. a sloppy handjob 8 grenades and a good footjob
  8. You can get a job at 14 in some states if thats what you wanna do. Personally ive been somewhat thrifty. Ive went to local good wills bought shit for $1-$5 and sold it for some profit its hard but somewhat easy money.
  9. OH SHIT THERE I AM AT 5:25 PLAYING SOME VR IM COOL. Fuck i missed a hacking when for vr. Damnit.
  10. I vigi cause i am a wannabe cop. Also ive only ever been banned once on a technicality.
  11. Olympus is not a mainly rp server. Vigis dont serve a role on the server
  12. Vigis tend to break rules all the fucking time. Never rp then go on fourms claiming they want rp. Will take any bounty. And are seen as wannabe cops. Overall never vigi unless you wanna be know as a fucking scummy person who no one likes. You posting here wont change our minds.
  13. One of the best admins on the server and one of the few who i never had beef with. 07 On that note. >Olympus isent dying >Multiple admins/high ranking apd members leaving >Olympus isent dying we get 100s of people every day >Rule breaking is on the rise >Olympus is the best altis life server out there >Thats sadly true and to say that breaks my fucking heart i remeber when trolls did innocent things now its just fucking awful and turing everyone away. Incoming post hidden
  14. MFW i dont play olympus anymore i dont know why i still post and im still to lazy to move to strafe
  15. Its the AMD bottleneck buy a decent CPU I5 atleast you shouldent experience such bad fps.

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