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  1. yeah wasnt trying to cause any hassle for mods or anything just wanted to give back to the people in some way so thought id do a raffle ill let the people decide in a poll whether they want 5 people to get 1m each or 1 person gets 3m 2nd 2m and 3rd 1m or 1 person can have 5m.
  2. @MakoCould we possibly hold an event for the 5m I am trying to give away it will come from my bank to the winners?
  3. Ok everybody the time has been increased since i want more people to be able to get in on this an havent been active on arma lately we will all meet in kavala at a set time and ill do a random thing to choose who gets it
  4. The event will be closed tomorrow and prize drawn tomorrow on server 1
  5. Im quitting the game for a while so im gonna do a special raffle for people who want to join in just put a message under this post and you will be enterted into it. 5m is raffle prize good luck.
  6. I feel if we are to bring back the community to 2 servers an have more people joining everyday is events since we dont do enough of them and there isnt much variety when it comes to the events there are usually 3 to chose from ( Demo derby, Russian Roulette and Last man standing) I feel we should have more gang based events and different types of events which aint as boring since weve done the same ones 100s of times. Im sure your admin team or developers can figure out what would be fun for us all but im just asking for some more fun things to do whilst playing the server making it more welco
  7. I want all ur tazers an mar 10 shit hmu in game Rx | HustleGod
  8. If youre genuine ill buy all ur best guns like mar10 scopes zafirs everything


    Yeah well if anyone wants to buy it im not gonna use it so I want rid of it


    Selling Lim Tazer for 2m idk how much it goes for but thats starting price or can go lower if its not worth that just hmu in gaame or in pms if u wanna buy
  11. nobody reports nlr ur just making it easier for them lol
  12. can we please get some more events in the server

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