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  1. Happy Birthday scrub <3

  2. Happy birthday <3

  3. That doesn't make sense. Imagine being in a jail and then casually being released with drugs on you.
  4. You have to keep in mind that the number of people that can actually do compensation request is limited, admins+ are the only people that can actually process a compensation request. With that number being 12 active admins that can process a comp request and with over 25k active players in the past 60 days, I bet you can imagine how many tickets they have to do. Be patient, you'll get your 50k soon enough <3
  5. Sign me up.
  6. Ill give you structural advice for your tunnel to the US
  7. Lethal
  8. 900k. But only if i can get free hotel room for every refugee
  9. @brennick Ill offer you 900k for Mar-10 with 5 mags
  10. Looking to buy a Mar-10 with around 5 mags. Offers below
  11. @Strikke gz scrub, Norwegian bish 

    @Ares oh god, we are doomed. Congrats dood, Senior kavala Scat. <3 

    @Dante congrats dude, the OG fleury 

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    2. Strikke


      Norwegian throws retard who doesnt know what a taskbar is at sweed and it is super effective. Sweed dies on the inside and want to kill himself

    3. Grandma


      My life, everyday.

      "Have you tried restarting the computer?" -Grandma
      "Yes I promise" - Stupid client guy
      *presses "restart"*
      "It works now......" - Stupid client guy
      "yea...." - Grandma that now wants to kill himself"

    4. Bow


      Wow some top tier windows fucking roleplay right here

  12. Congrats @Deputy Dog you finally did it!! <3 


    Congrats @ChrisGG well deserved. 

  13. *Someone is breaking into the federal reserve* 


    1. N7Zero


      when they all slam slam tower...

    2. Invu
  14. Happy Birthday Outcast!


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