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  1. Savage

    U litterly explained urself in this sentance... guess me and u have something in common?!?!?!
  2. Savage

    @DeadPool idfk about u but the beef between u and me on this post u started... I said a nice joke of "if I go u guys would make me walk the plank" and u and ur ego take a step into the convo and ruin shit. So before u think ur the shit, look back to who started what, than talk. And also think of the problems people gonna have. This gonna go from a nice cruise to a murder scene cause u may be friends with 1 person, but then hate the other
  3. Savage

    @Julian I'm laughing rn cause u actually think he cares about what ppl have to say over the internet. And the peter thing, he's 30 years old, is married, has a kid, and is going after 15 year olds... we call that the FBI watch list where I live, idfk about u
  4. Savage

    I'm sorry but I didn't ask for ur opinion
  5. Savage

    I would go but u guys would probably make me walk the plank
  6. Savage

    Im talking from experience, its possible if you try, but its fucking hard not to be toxic cause of all the retarded things ppl say
  7. @Egnazio CONGRATS U TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. When Prime log on to fight and u get hit off :bender-dance:




  10. RIP @Sociopathic :( You were 1 of the chillest people i knew, im gonna miss you :( 

  11. @Majed is selling these NOT ME, he is currently banned from forums so pm him offers Here screenshot https://gyazo.com/cbcd447c091a23a9e2981e028d813d68

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