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  1. @Fusah idk how long u had dev for but congrats i didnt realize

  2. ima miss you o7 my guy we still meeting spring break
  3. Bye

    isnt this the 2nd time u said this? o7?
  4. not scared of a family sized kid sorry
  5. @Orgondo what happen to rust server I WAS STACKED I SWEAR TO GOD

  6. stop boosting ur shit it was 26-7 (still isnt good but shut the hell your mouth)
  7. Ayyyyy @DashTonic you finally beat @McDili in top donors congrats (i just realized so if this is an old meme its whatever)

  8. who r u kid
  9. no i just wana get ddosed in the process of slapping you
  10. @Jesse do perm bans on Arma servers carry over (for ddosing especially )
  11. Which kind? After gang wars, it could be any tbh
  12. Ayyyy @Strikke grats my favorite tree rat

    Also grats to @Dante and @Ares


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