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  1. And I’ll tell you all about it

  2. Snort 2

    lol I’ll give it a month before you are screaming the n word and telling people you will kill them irl again.
  3. Snort 2

    I understand it was a “joke” but you said you only said it to people you know which what ever fair enough. What about when you went to the asylum gang wars stream with at least 100 people and was flaunting ddos threats everywhere.
  4. Snort 2

    He spitting facts and you have no good counter argument to it because you know it’s true is why you won’t say anything else change my mind.
  5. You are number one Canada there in no competetion
  6. Snort 2

    Yeah just “memeing” were you “memeing” when you were throwing around ddos threats during the Asylum gang wars stream when you were threatening to ddos a ton of people including me?
  7. Snort 2

    Yeah guys it’s a huge difference in threatening to do a federal crime rather than doing it!1!1!1!1!!!! are you reading what you are typing? And I’m pretty sure ddos threats is still punishable by law.
  8. Snort 2

    Imagine making a post telling people that something is going to happen if it is able to be done. Don’t make a post telling people it is going to be done and a little later find out it’s not possible ik you say if it’s able but you and me both know people will get their hopes up.
  9. Snort 2

    https://gyazo.com/f8e7c670b21711f9143961f31f99ec47 A salute from victor 07 brother.
  10.  Bouta be on a 12 hour drive so if you have any good movies that are on Netflix hit me up top 3 favorite genres are horror comedy and action.

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    2. Ryan


      59 minutes ago, KGB JOSH said:



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    4. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Money heist

  11. damn guess im bouta have to wait this out see y'all in 27


    1. Ryan


      L8r nerd

  12. Bro this clean-up script needs to be fixed like top priority.

    1. Best Player Okay

      Best Player Okay

      Working on it

    2. TheCmdrRex


      Well I am going to need a bug report because I don't even understand what is broken with it?

  13. anyone know whats wrong with youtube?


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