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  1. Hyper223

  2. Hyper223

    Precisely my dearest friend.
  3. Hyper223

    no you
  4. Hyper223

    I'm in Canada so our highschool is different than USA but I've got 1 year left of highschool and my grade 6 was 4 years ago
  5. Hyper223

    I mean I'm not in 6th grade I'm in highschool now but I used to like math but now I hate it
  6. Hyper223

    Science is understanding our world and math is a pain in the ass where we come up with random numbers and call it factoring
  7. Hyper223

    You might have to try and buy some 4fives from po's (not from the officer but stolen from po's)
  8. Hyper223

    Can you still not pull people out of blackfishes or did they fix that?
  9. Hyper223

    It's in game when you join on the left side with all the credits and stuff the link they posted on the forums is dead

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