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  1. Lol thank god I got off before we did the run. Btw good fight at cartel
  2. I can understand that but its no fun when they know exactly where you are and go back to where they died everytime you kkill them
  3. Lmao I'm not triggered. I managed to drop 2 full gear cops twice with a protector 9 mil they sucked ass at combat it was so easy.
  4. Its your decision I want the creators to see this.
  5. I've played on this server for a good amount of time, but everytime I see an update now it seems like it is buffing the cops. One thing that I also think is ridiculous is there is no NLR for cops. I can understand that they are allowed to break it during a fed, blackwater, or prison break. But I was in Pyrgos when my friends were storing drugs in their house and cops were getting near them. I distracted the cops into a police chase cause I only had a 30k bounty. The chase went on for about 10 minutes before they made me crash leading to me getting out of my car and killing both of them. I started to drive back into pyrgos when what do you know I hear sirens and the same 2 cops are after me less then 2 minutes later. This time I stopped my car and killed both of them. I was just chilling in Pyrgos then when what do you know a couple minutes later the same 2 cops show up AGAIN. This time they managed to taze me and they were extremely salty. This is honestly one of the dumbest things that there is no NLR for cops. I'm about to make a poll on wheter or not cops should be able to break NLR.
  6. I constantly get RDMed when I least expect it and I am unable to be recording. But where it gets ridiculous is when the admins most likely will not accept comp requests for the recent hacker (Which has done this multiple times now). Its not like I have magic powers to tell when a hacker is going to strike. Also am I the only one that finds it suspicious that the gang B did not have a single member die when the hacker struck?
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