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  1. Hilly

    no. just no. what positive impact would this have? I'ts just another thing for u to worry about. Makes gangsheds and houses obsolete. I din't see any reason why this should be implemented.
  2. Hilly

    o7 friend
  3. Hilly

    fromage a la dick
  4. someone push og

  5. shout out to the staff for working hard to get this bs fixed
  6. Hilly

    coolbean is my dad
  7. Hilly

    add me on origin: Hilly223
  8. Hilly

    If anyone's looking to form a gang for the sole purpose of absolutely destroying this cartel event lmk
  9. Hilly

  10. Hilly

    Haven't played in a while, but i'm coming back was wondering which [cartel] gangs are good.
  11. Hilly

    Who are you
  12. Hilly

    Who even are you

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