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  1. @hawk congrats old VOA b traitor! goodluck

    1. hawk


      Thank you :lol:

  2. props to @Jordan540 and who ever rhino is for the quality rp XD


    1. Pledge


      Rhino Molester? That's @Plumber

  3. Bahamut

    Im the web developer around these parts get your own territory
  4. Red zone cops may make more money, but as a kavala cop I get the satisfaction of taking vigi licenses


    1. lou25000


      This is a real cop

    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      I support cops like you +1

  5. Bahamut

    Is that true @Dante If not 4 mil
  6. Bahamut

    3 mil for rebel
  7. pick up the epic shotgun they said.... it will win the final 1v1 they said https://gyazo.com/f1dc0697e66d521de4f256f5246ad8f6

  8. started doing my placements for the new season of siege, was about to be plat before the season ended. anyone want to que up?


    1. PE7E


      would but im bronze 1

  9. Bahamut

    he didnt lead well, voa was not a kavala gang? we camped diamonds?
  10. Bahamut

    only likw 2 of those were a kavala gang.
  11. Bahamut

    becuase you joined like a month ago
  12. Bahamut

    VOA T DB TRIDENT SWAT KS KR CK MONOLITH 3 of sammys gangs ect ect ect
  13. Bahamut

    kirspyk. 2 years every gang iv beenin someone has had a booter
  14. Bahamut

    @Peter Long you should have done what i would have done, say yes then dont do it
  15. Bahamut

    I know he didn't, figured he would jump ship to follow the gang

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