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  1. Would any of yall be interested in a league oly torny

  2. heres a funny ass clip from my boys at akron that won RL Colgate nationals

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  3. @Xlax yo we have the same birthday G

    1. Xlax


      yuhp happy bday my dude

  4. KrispyK

    NO NO 13 YEAR OLDS INT HE APD RULE: make it so vigis are not allowed to be in cities
  5. KrispyK

    to be honest guys lie alot more
  6. im to retarded to play this game. 07 dippin, if someone i know wants an alt hit me up. aint got use for it now

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  7. this man got mod then dipped


  8. Stellarsis gangwars when

  9. Ez fed solution. Cops can only drive a car that their rank can use. Just like medics

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    2. Morgan Freeman

      Morgan Freeman

      11 minutes ago, communistjosh said:

      When you use a bomb to blow up a crate and the cops seal it with a padlock 

      You can blow a bomb when ever you want;)

    3. hawk


      2 hours ago, KrispyK said:

      Sounds like a solid argument hawk! Bc a deputy driving s strider makes perfect sense

      Also: cops shouldnt be able to lock bw crates in 10 seconds during an active fight

      Cops vehicles get stolen a lot, so let's say a cop ghosthawk is landed, a deputy shouldn't be able to get in the helicopter because he isn't the proper rank? Thats just dumb

    4. KrispyK


      read the medic handbook

      if the original is unable to get it to safety the next available person with permission is allowed to move it to hq

      im talking about a senior shouldnt be abe to hand out 20 hunters

  10. Whos the retards using audio hacks on the server?

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    2. KrispyK


      I mean same but thats moaning asmr and thats only when i get caught by the cops

    3. Scribble


      Everyone has their own kink

    4. KrispyK


      I like making the officers uncomfortable so they fuck up processing

      it worked twice now

  11. KrispyK

    atlest uk people will be gone from the internet soon.
  12. What if weekly gang wars league style :thinking-face_1f914:

    1. TheoryB


      gang wars should happen every season with organized staff

  13. KrispyK

    I think a good middle ground is adding some type of delay or doing it while someone is there to be able to defend, since most wait till they leave
  14. KrispyK

    it seems you are braindead or just want the apd to be broken, ok. the 15 minute between checks has been standard for ever, now you have a plane that is completly broken. if all those above got changed, people would be more likly to run regular. i dont think you understand also how much money people invest in houses. the meta thing isnt part of the making it more for straight runs, i want it changed bc it is against the rules but no one gives a shit because its done by seniors. there is NO reason for a cop to be camping a house, their job is to arrest criminals and they are wasting their time by camping. they are essentially ALSO hour farming. if an rnr sat somewhere and refused to revive people they would be demoted.

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