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  1. when you finally pull it off

    @Grego thanks b


    1. kev


      Good shit, thats what I like to see

    2. KrispyK


      first try, kinda proud of it lmao.

      its so fucking sketchhh doing it

  2. KrispyK

  3. ngl i should soundboard one of the 14 year olds i have to hear everyday when they yell "im going to report you" during processing

  4. when kavala is dead so you take a rhib to pygros from kavala but eggman tells you to stop halfway :DansGame:

    #hate these new car physics i like my boat better

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    2. Fushigi


      actually if he wants to go and do circles around Altis i dont care its when they get 120km out of the map then i start to have a problem with it @Luke Duke

    3. KrispyK


      how the fuck can you get 120k out

    4. Invu


      @KrispyK easily done by getting in a UNIQUE RP SITUATION with the medic involved, boat was throttle stuck and they couldn't stop it! 

  5. How many planes would it take at once to fly into admin island :thinking-face_1f914:

    1. DashTonic


      More than 5 trust me

  6. Lmaooo this shit was a ride

  7. KrispyK

    I'm the only one allowed to shit talk boonie about salvation step off my bitch
  8. KrispyK

    Homicide we can't be patrol buddies anymore
  9. KrispyK

    700 is what I'd like
  10. KrispyK

    If you buy into this you are legit retarded If you want investments that will actually work I'll run stocks in the summer since that one guy quit
  11. what would yall think about cops not being allowed to go into fed/bw to
    check for civs before the robbery has a chance to start?


    Edited by KrispyK
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    2. KrispyK


      its almost like its a game and i would like to make t enjoyable for everyone

      civs knew cops would come to pharmas and would taze them there! same logic but you stopped that

    3. Dαnte


      I see things from both sides. Being sAPD it makes it hard for people to see that, but youd be surprised how many civ things Im more for vs the APD side of the arguments. Im a huge advocate of stack prevention. This idea though, I just think makes 0 sense and shouldnt even be a topic. The APD shouldnt be disallowed from checking federal events to try to prevent it. 

    4. Linka
  12. KrispyK

    people do runs more early mornings, atlest thats me. tac respawn would give me chanceon completing a run. would b a very good buff. this comin from a guy whos also been in the apd since po falcon and dog
  13. minecraft is the opposite of arma, fuckin runs worse with more ram

  14. can we remove vigis pls

    1. Genghis Khan

      Genghis Khan


      #VoteGenghisKhan4CivRep I will also delete Support team.


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