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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. the new license rule for apd is fucking gay, how am i supposed to make sure vigis are vigis?

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    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      I don’t think that’s new it didn’t have any different font color or anything I think it’s the same as it always has been 

    3. RDyer216


      If a Vigi is shooting a taser or has someone in custody, you are allowed to ask him to show ID.  

    4. #FreeSkys


      6. Civilians in possession of a Vigilante License or related gear are required to provide identification upon request.

      Dealing with Civilians, you can still make sure a vigi is a vigi, this hasnt changed

  2. TF you rage bite a stale rice cracker after getting vigied and break a fucking tooth

    vigis win again

    1. Wong Jr.

      Wong Jr.

      dafuq you doing eating rice crackers? Ever heard of Ritz?

    2. KrispyK


      the place i work at only sells mostly vegan shit

      its retarded


  3. for those who have DS3, what build yall use? i leveled str/dex with some good rings to swap between old demon kings hammer/corvid scythe with some pyromancy to throw people off in pvp

    1. Unjo


      High str, dex + stamina and whatever the stat is to carry more build with +10 claymore and to poise hits

  4. 5 dollars says most vigis use dex builds in ds3

    1. Unjo


      All about that str build

  5. KrispyK

    brain dead retards i said post a meme NO VIGIS
  6. KrispyK

  7. KrispyK

    post here if you want it il give it to who ever posts the best meme
  8. can we add in an ingame mute button for people who constantly ask for bets

    1. Slumberjack


      there is a mute function on the map

    2. Mighty


      Yea just go to the player list on the map and find your victim. One the side of his name there should be a mic symbol. Smash that and you'll never hear from him again. 

  9. streaming sea of thieves for some solo fun for now https://www.twitch.tv/sahki

    Edited by KrispyK
  10. KrispyK

    no, i was just raising the price for everyone else
  11. KrispyK

  12. i just figured out the best way to kill vigis

    if someone says 'shoot me' will it be rdm if i immediatly shoot them

    and if i bait them into saying it with say a name thats disguised will that be fine

    1. RambleR


      Its a form of permission, shoot the fucker. Tricking / Manipulating might be looked at differently though.

  13. KrispyK

    you had access to the ip list in the aurora teamspeak. dont worry tho, new apartment new ip.
  14. can we just applaud @Bloodmoondetermination? this man has single handedly downvoted me from 300 rep to -2, not even mad lol

    1. SPBojo


      Tree wins again :Kappa:

    2. Gf.


      He makes me so proud


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