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  1. you dont know what you are talkign about obviously so id recommend being quite and not making yourself look more retarded than you all ready are. if you arnt buying shit fuck off and stop flaming my market posts you mong
  2. and youre a dipshit who cant aim
  3. When you find a great gang shed but ya gotta turn into a Morse code user just to hide that shit from campers


    i love this gaME.


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. N7Zero


      or u r too shit to find a game.:goat:

    3. KrispyKreme


      y u roast me like that @N7Zero feels bad

    4. JebronLames


      Live in Canada and my finals are next week, pretty sure your school has the weird finals lmao

  5. streaming some siege ranked toxicity https://www.twitch.tv/chronowendigo

    1. Dangus


      I have my semester finals next week...




      I want to die.

  6. You are the only autistic person here It's literally on pro, there's zero houses close to plat that are above 2 crat If you aren't buying shit get off the fucking thread you mongoloids
  7. It's ok boy Krispy can teach you that you can put 6 hours in for runs over the course of a week. You'll graduate dw Say that to the people I Rob everyday I log in when they beg me not too
  8. That's about the time I spent.
  9. Fucks your point I made 10 mil in one week
  10. Delete the thread obvliously people can't take shit seriously
  11. 8 mil is the lowest il go
  12. g e t o f f t h e t h r e a d
  13. fuck off the thread.

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