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  1. Ezpz do it in the hallway
  2. Put Vaseline all over yourself with just underwear on and go into your backyard (or front yard) and roll around the yard pretending you're a slug. Oh and for 5 mins at least.
  3. This man speaks the TRUTH
  4. Dude honestly just record and report. No need to start forum drama over something that can be easily solved. Complaining on the forums does LITERALLY nothing.
  5. Naw its fine man I already got the game, was thinking of my fellow lifesavers. Thanks though.
  6. APD allowed but not R&R?
  7. Hi

  8. Y'all keep digging yourselves into a deeper hole
  9. Lol what Also you better not sell my DP25 you weeb @MelGibs
  10. T-Mobile sponsors terrorism confirmed.
  11. I thought it was just Beck that left not @Ryan
  12. We raffled it from Blackwater and he won.
  13. Do legal runs till you are on your feet. Then you can start doing illegal. I reccomend WPL (Workers Protection License, at gun store) for legal runs, you get a couple decent guns that you can defend yourself with and a bonus for legal activities. Risky to go straight into illegal as your may get caught by cops or rebels.
  14. Can someone ban this fucker already? Obvious neg karma farm.

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