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  1. Fuzz^

    Dont see staff in your name either
  2. Can someone link me a good montage editing software   thats free? So atleast my edits can be good?

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    2. Monkeysz


      Pirate Vegas like every other fucker

    3. Kamikaze
    4. monster#freexlax


      3 hours ago, Monkeysz said:

      Pirate Vegas like every other fucker


  3. Fuzz^

    A hatchback sport cost 30k and i can get to sofia from athira airfield in 30 seconds
  4. Fuzz^

    0/10 sense of humor
  5. Gang wars or DDoS wars :hmm:

  6. Fuzz^

    You have been selected for a routine inspection that will be carried out by Blackwater Inc. personnel. Cease current activities[Park/Land/Dock], and place your hands upon your head to await your inspection. If you do not immediately comply with these terms you will be killed, tazed, or titaned by Blackwater | Triggered little b i t c h Edit: Thats what happens when you camp prygos air and legit dont war any gangs :L
  7. Fuzz^

    Click your name either in the top left or right, then press account settings, signature should be in there. Click your profile picture, and there should be an option in the top right to select banner.
  8. Fuzz^

    Let me fix that
  9. Fuzz^

    6 kids getting knocked out first round My predictions Career Cops, Mango Republic, TI, Blackwater, Thats Pretty Gay, Daddys Darlings, Prime, and Nightwatch (Eridian only has 8 even if they pull their plug still getting waxed) Career Cops, TI, Daddys Darlings, Prime TI, Prime TI
  10. Heyyy Happy Bday  to my  fav neo-.... @thordick finially old enough to apply to the ap.... oh wait. 

  11. Full Send  

  12. Fuzz^

    MEME WAR!!!!!!!!!!

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