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  1. @ikiled Glad the server is gonna be back to normal. Even though i dont play. (I had full faith in rex but he was short staffed)

  2. Fuzz^

  3. Fuzz^

  4. You guys know what to do. @Richard

    1. Fuzz^


      Might be a little late :/ 

  5. Fuzz^

    No one else had threw it in so i had to....
  6. Fuzz^

    Didn’t get an @ because didn’t unblacklist me as promised when you got chief Likewise my man <3 Ask @ChrisGG
  7. Fuzz^

  8. Fuzz^

    Fuck you. Im not support team anymore. <33333 I forgot to @ a lot of homies jester dont feel left out. Ill be around Edit: Max dont take it to heart i was joking <3
  9. Fuzz^

    Pewdiepie, god i fucking love you mav
  10. Fuzz^

    rip nokia and that fucking vigis heli, im the orca fucking master baby
  11. Fuzz^

    Also shouldve @'ed you brother im gonna fucking miss your voice hahaha
  12. Fuzz^

    thanks bro shouldve @'ed you but didnt.
  13. Fuzz^

    This has been a long time coming believe me. After putting countless hours into Olympus, my time has finially come. I felt rather than fall inactive and leave everyone hanging I would make an o7 post @'ing some of the boys that have made my time on olympus great. This one is not gonna be so short and sweet. Sorry if i dont @. @ikiled - He was literally my day one homie. Dont remember exactly how i met, all i know is my first day on the server he took me in. Taught me how to play, then eventually invited me to his gang. [SCI]. I had some of my most memorable times with ikiled. From him getting 2 week banned because he took the fall for me, to 1 clicking kids from cap. @EricZ - God i dont even know where to start with this motherfucker. He was my little sidekick for a while, breaking rules because i couldnt. Then eventually he caught the worst ban of them all. A perm (which is never really a perm). Gonna miss this little fucker always telling me he ordered juul pods off of ebay. @destruct - Destruct is the homie, he was friends with me when no one else wanted to be, and i couldnt thank him enough for that. @Hylos - Hylos guided me into becoming the toxic, non-toxic person i am today, which eventually led to me becoming support team. @Hadi Mokdad - For giving me my support team test and absolutely having me upset when you told me i failed, and for letting me listen in on kids crying when you banned them (and being a second opinion) @Rossco - Never really thought he liked me but he ended up being super chill with me @tacosmell - Taco is the absolute G, we came from asylum around the same time and we always were fucking around with eachother. (will probably miss him the most) @hawk - For pulling me into a SAPD meeting, even if it was for just a few seconds i gained mad clout in the channel. @Airborne - is a bitch @Xirie - For always talking shit to me which ultimately led to me becoming a better player/person in general @bdj - for all the laughs and spit thrown everywhere @Mudiwa - For being my absolute partner in crime when i started streaming. Finding loopholes in the apd handbook that no one else could. @IM LAGGING - For staying on the corporal grind with me until i quit, im super glad you got it though. (also for being a really great friend. @Creepy - For allowing me to join blackwater and having some of the most fun ive had in arma @xDRO - For always being the dad of the group and not letting us get into too much trouble @NokiaStrong - For always staying loyal no matter how much of an asshole anyone was to you, and for having morals, and sticking to the server rules, always (shouldve gotten senior support 100% imo) @Pledge - dont really know you but hit me up for rap battle pt 2 @bastro - you crazy fucker. Keep putting out good montages and being funny as fuck @xanx - for always being online, i knew i would never be alone with you in the gang, a all around fun person to play with. @an overweight giant retard - for always letting me gun your hawk because i bought you pizza, espicially when you had to kick other people out of the gun. @Toasty - still not really sure if you like me And lastly, but definitly not least @Peter Long - because i will never forget the gang wars where you threatened to send a 50 gallon drum of ky to proud and savages house. This will probably not be my end, this game seems to have a fucking magnet attached to me but i will likely be back in the future, just no time soon. Again sorry if i didnt @ you chances are we had good times there were just wayyyy to many fuckers to @. o7 Edit : @DABESTeva - almost forgot the fucking boy, love you kid no homo
  14. Fuzz^

    Whenever that fucker wants the smoke

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