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  1. High Lever Roleplayer :)


  2. Mans got blacklisted and actually went and took a 6 month course on how to hack just to come ruin olympus.

    Edit : This shit should be in a movie  

    1. xanx


      I'd be careful if I was you...
      word on the street is M5 sees everything.

    2. Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Bongo Bongo Bongo

      This was the only night I could play for a solid amount of time... Not anymore :( 

      Edited by Bongo Bongo Bongo
  3. Fuzz^

    petition to switch DB for BPM
  4. Tier 100 Roleplayer 


  5. Now the only PO :) Gratz @Millennium

    1. Millennium


      U still got sped. ty tho

  6. Fuzz^

    Wish I could be toxic like viper but I’m trying to reform, you just have to realize he did what he thought was best for the community (as any good owner would) as well as it wasn’t his fault so please know all the facts before you start spewing shit out of that dirty ass mouth of yours.
  7. Fuzz^

    2 mil xd @zoomzooooooom needs another one to
  8. Allow people to buy houses from the realtor. 100 iq

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    2. Fuzz^


      2 minutes ago, Civak said:

      you must be lazy


    3. Google


      100 IQ is the average human IQ

    4. xanx
  9. Make neo a spawn for civ

    1. Outcast


      Been asking for that for months.

    2. ThatNerdyGuy
  10. Fuzz^

    Alpha beta lol

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