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  1. FuzzyPanda

  2. FuzzyPanda

    tbh i was fucking blazed when i wrote this, started thinking about global warming and world peace and shit.
  3. FuzzyPanda

  4. FuzzyPanda

    Yea the shooting out tires thing is kinda bullshit. But now since you posted this its just gonna add to the list of things i cant do.
  5. Damn shit escalated quick as fuck in this post. 16 btw.
  6. FuzzyPanda

    Ill give you a big mac and a kiss
  7. FuzzyPanda

    I mean like i said bro sorry i dont really remember you, but i just want everyone to have fun ya know...
  8. FuzzyPanda

    Hello, Altis citizens. Though many of you may or may not have came in contact with me on the servers i feel i never properly introduced myself. First of all, my names Fuzz and I enjoy arma. Though it makes me toxic I am going to try and reform. Those of whom I may have shit talked, or ruined their time on the game I am sorry. I just play arma for the fun, rp, and fights. Though I feel i have ruined some peoples arma 3 experience by being toxic. Though many of you may not accept this apology/introduction Im going to quit gang life for a while because i feel this is the center of my toxicity though there isnt much ganglife anymore. From this point on Im dropping all beef with everyone ive had and am looking for a fresh start with everyone from this point foward. Im sorry if i came off as a dickhead towards you. PS I love everyone now.
  9. FuzzyPanda

    didnt i take all 3 of the ifrits you pushed with? Didnt zurph take your gang? Dont u suck at arm?. Didnt you get montaged by gangplay when he wasnt even in combat stance? Idk bro lots of questions. Even my meme gang lasted longer than yours btw.... Yikes.
  10. FuzzyPanda

    yea :/ everyone just afk caps because no one wants to push i dont even see the point in making money now if no one fights... not worth fighting cops.
  11. FuzzyPanda

    Isnt your gang dead?
  12. FuzzyPanda

    y dont you guys ever push cap
  13. FuzzyPanda

  14. FuzzyPanda

    I’m sure that kid who was selling meth on eBay would love to go
  15. FuzzyPanda


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