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  1. can I get an admin to verify them? If legit I’m willing to buy all of them
  2. 137
  3. +1
  4. neck <3
  5. 10.1 mil
  6. My name is drake and I am comfortable with my sexuality and not insecure. You?
  7. im not making accounts. lmao you are the one making accounts to upvote yourself. wouldnt have to if you werent such a toxic asshole.
  8. stupid bitch
  9. I fixed it, just had to uninstall shadowplay and install plays.tv
  10. I’ll try out plays tv again last time though it gave me a huge FPS drop
  11. Yes. I’ll try reinstalling when I get home thanks I tried using plays.tv previously it didn’t work out but I’ll check out recent updates when I get home thanks
  12. I feel like you are leaning towards the changing of Olympus and I can only imagine the trouble this would cause. I’ve only been playing Olympus for a few weeks now, so I don’t know past troubles, or even current troubles even. But there are servers you can have this role play on if you would like. I just feel olympus is not fit for these kinds of situations and is fine the way it is.
  13. I’ve been having trouble with shadowplay lately, it’s not recording my in game sound, or my teamspeak sound. Only my voice, anyone know how to fix this?
  14. I like you. I like you. Very much.

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