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  1. This forums is shit can’t even go to second page of status updates

    1. swervy


      hello abid

    2. billdroid


      You are still playing?

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      If you switch to the other theme you can browse pas page 1.  Not that you'll see this now that it's on the second page.

      FUCK @Ryan!

  2. Hey @buckiewhwts good young buck

    1. buckie


      Just been relaxing how about you billson 

    2. Dealer


      billy hum do alot

  3. What happened to maxg

    1. rafaaa


      He got corporal and he just got a new kidney. You’re getting out of the hospital buddy @maxg

  4. What does this mean I’ve missed the joke entirely
  5. Ladies and gentlemen you must be a competitive arma 3 Olympus player to have the honor of being given this role. How do you expect me and my fellow apd officers to compete with this insane top tier high quality gamers on the war zone island??! This is ludicrous that we have to pay 15k I play cop for money
  6. Lol Dustin and Mira sitting in a tree...
  7. Free moderator dripppington this instant or else 

    1. buckie


      Free drip NOW

    2. Drippp


      I would probably just cheat again 

  8. Imagine being in os gang fucking losers lol
  9. billdroid


    goodbye my sweet child. good luck in your future endeavours
  10. Feds and banks are so easy the max payout should be like 300k

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