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  1. All medics, may I have your attention. In order to honor @Crenshaw. I would like the rank of whatever gives me the ability to wear the firefighter uniform. 

    1. Millennium
    2. Overlord


      $20 I’ll Pm you my Cashapp

  2. o7 my nigga, I can say that because I’m a part of the affirmative action squad I will also be with @i chop hatchbacks when this day comes
  3. @Ryan, let’s get a timer going for @Sho-Time’s unban like sandman’s coup protection 

    1. Noahhh!
    2. Monks


      will chip in 5 dollars to make this happen

  4. happy birthday moderator @Dripppington

    1. Drippp


      Ewwwwww a Muslim! Ty tho ig

  5. once again folks, the uno world champs are me and @CocoisDead. @Hurricane and @Millennium continue their losing streak after losing a full sweep in a best of 3. You hate to see it folks. they suck

    1. Millennium


      wasn't a full sweep

  6. the best staff member on olympus is back. thank you
  7. me and @CocoisDead are the uno world champs!! gg @Millennium @Hurricane

    1. CocoisDead



      Minorities win! Lets go! EZ SWEEP @Hurricane @Millennium

  8. @Hurricane @CocoisDead @Millennium they do be stealing our nightly routine doe
  9. How do I apply for supervisor, I’ve dedicated my life to medic and feel as though I’m ready for the next step! Long live medic
  10. Well then... shit server
  11. Just don’t let them chase u in fucking pea brains lol
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