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  1. Titimus

    Straight cash, 26m highest. I'll take the highest offer tomorrow afternoon
  2. Titimus

    It's at 25m currently
  3. Titimus

  4. Titimus

    Selling ghosthawk...
  5. Titimus

    sold a hawk legit, good man
  6. Titimus

    Paying more than him dm me
  7. Titimus

  8. Titimus

    ^ this, I should’ve stated better it’s warranted only because they’re stopping when punishment is looming
  9. Titimus

    Like I said idc if i'm a "pussy" I would rather take the reasonable route and stop No, you're going to stop because you've realized that you can't hide behind a computer and they're going to escalate something you enjoyed doing. You can't just decide to opt out at any point and avoid consequences. With all my doubt of them doing so, I pray that they will so you can have this on your record and your life will go down the shitter over an outdated game.
  10. Titimus

  11. Titimus

  12. Titimus

  13. Titimus

  14. Titimus

    DM me, money is on another account and gang funds

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