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  1. Titimus

    Who cares, game is about fun not hoarding
  2. Titimus

    Will pay more than the both of these guys
  3. Titimus

    Searching a house can be a big hit to a civilian financially, but to a cop they gain some, but have the time of their life doing it. I don't see why the rules are so lax on searching them, because it's a big deal when it happens. I think the same thing applies to 3-1, in the aspect if you tase a cop and there is another within 50m, 3 people cannot restrain the one downed. How is that even remotely fair?
  4. Titimus

    DM me prices
  5. Titimus

    How much per stone?
  6. Titimus

    bought one from super nova, too late
  7. Titimus

    If not I’m red taping you off the other island we’re familiar with
  8. Titimus

    I will buy 4-five .45 pistols, Type 115s, spar 16s and spar 16 black, mx and mxm tasers, and cmr tasers. Message me, willing to buy in bulk.
  9. Titimus

  10. Titimus

    2 mk1 tasers, 1 7.62 suppressor, 2 6.5 suppressors, and some other odds and ends
  11. Titimus

    @Ossifer Day I'll be the reasonable person and tell you this, there is no 6m suppressor, you either meant 9mm, which in that case, less than 100k, or 6.5, which is upwards of 800k.
  12. Titimus

  13. Titimus


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