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  1. Titimus

    WTS Cocaine shed

    He's selling it because server 3 has very limited times to play now and he's offloading it before it loses all value. Cocaine processing will most likely be moved as it's way too close to the field and admins have even addressed it.
  2. Tree always gets their bans lifted, and tickets against them denied by their staff friends until you request a senior overlook.
  3. Yes, shooting any aerial vehicle in third person is just extremely dumb and useless. As it stands there is streamer overlays to create your own first person crosshair. KOTH players used it a lot when the pawnee crosshair was removed, before Arma added the reticle on the glass. The plane has no ability to rutter and aim onto a target, so you need to physically be in a near perfect lineup to kill someone. A first person crosshair would help make subtle adjustments from afar, but it would still require a lot of skill to keep it on target.
  4. Currently tape or a streaming overlay can give you an external crosshair. The people that know how to do it can use it, the people who don't can't. You really think the plane is balanced where it's at? Any titan will kill it 99% of the time, any slight spray at it while it's in a dive with take out it's engine. Right now it's pointless to buy it, and it should have some things going it's way
  5. https://gyazo.com/c89e275d7130d400a76c16ca99745070 rain check on this
  6. https://gyazo.com/29e194ac1b0c1860071da720277e0d3a S2 Kavala House https://gyazo.com/6b4f1b80aaf62db9338ea014d83123ea S2 Abdera Garage https://gyazo.com/4adff1d6abeb8eaafad13af310350bc1 S2 Syrta House DM me all offers and specify which house.
  7. https://gyazo.com/29e194ac1b0c1860071da720277e0d3a
  8. Dm me pictures, hold value, and your preferred price. Just for the syrta houses
  9. Medics have been tending to ignore the APD requests to leave the bank, very good change!
  10. That taser nerf happened? There’s no way. No one I play with noticed it at all, they still tase faster than you can lethal someone with the same gun
  11. Titimus


    - Promet Taser - Promet MR Taser - Type 115 Taser - Spar16s Lmg Taser - 5.56 Suppressor - 6.5 Stealth Suppressor - 7.62 Suppressor - DMS Scope(s) - Warpoints (14k each) - (S2) Syrta Houses - Rocket Laucher(s) // Rocket(s) - MAR 10 Lethal And Taser DM me on the fourms with what you have, your preferred price, and the quantity. Will buy items in bulk.
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