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  1. Titimus

  2. Titimus

    Trying to sell quickly, DM offers
  3. Titimus

    I got you permed lol
  4. Titimus

    selling 20m
  5. Titimus

  6. Titimus

    25m for a ghosthawk
  7. Titimus

    DM me offers
  8. Titimus

  9. Titimus

    "My intention by resigning and not taking the role of Lead Developer is not to try and fuck the server, but I want to be somewhere that has a community that is run by the community and not a 14 person council who can do whatever the fuck they want." Remove all added towers from BW- having 4 towers mutually covering each other at BW makes it very hard for the APD. REJECTED to see what the change passed during the previous meeting does to the balance first (removing one of the twins). Good to see the thing you guys enjoy doing is staying the same, atleast someone in high power could call you out on your shit. lmao
  10. Titimus

    Someone understands. Giving so much power to a group of friends to literally control what they want. There's a reason everything they hate is nerfed, and everything they want is added. Thanks for coming forward from such a high position and actually telling people the truth.
  11. Titimus

    blake from koth?
  12. Titimus

  13. Titimus

    Straight cash, 26m highest. I'll take the highest offer tomorrow afternoon
  14. Titimus

    It's at 25m currently
  15. Titimus


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