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  1. happy birthday @Dingle Pooper let us all hold hands.. a82b5dc292edf0485747d00c3a6ecda5.png

    1. Dingle Pooper

      Dingle Pooper

      get out of here with that feet shit 😛

  2. N7Zero

    cya boys

    imagine cheating on a dead game
  3. wym???? he compared muslim women wearing burkas to letterboxes
  4. ahh my fellow apes, may i feast on ur back?
  5. i heard biden is a bit of a nonce, can anyone confirm this?
  6. to all u mouth breathers: 


  7. im sure thats partly due to a lot of users living vicariously through others post which leads to depression n anxiety (pretty sure it was scientifically proven but take my word with a grain of salt) also pretty sure people who get harrased/bullied IRL cant take out their anger on perpetrator therefore they take it online as an escape mechanism. but ur right with that 1 this image is very true in life. and think with political correctness has soften people up for sure. STILL
  8. unpopular opinion and not throwing shade on reckful or anyone going through the same shit but lets be honest.. the internet is a double edge sword.. if u cant handle it then dont use it.. some people have no moral compass and there is nothing u can do about it. expect this shit to happen. besides, next time someone insults u personally just remember they themselves are very insecure hence them bringing others down with them. FAKT just turn off ur PC
  9. RIP reckful

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