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  1. they clearly do cuz if they sayin it aint VDM then it has to be RVD then right??? jessus ur a straight up nig-nog
  2. yeh ur straight up cooked, not just thinking VDM and RVD are same thing, but the fact u keep making random threads. quit it.
  3. VDM = Vehicle Death Match this is RVD not VDM.
  4. free my boy @rp slayer this man wasnt cheating!
  5. yeh thats wat i thought pussy ass. quit talkin shit or i deadass will eat u out.
  6. Mr.Robot did a Raptor!


  7. Most underrated cop ever! all i can say is @Unjo made me rich oh yeh he also rooked a kid at jail spawn from jail rocks.. pretty fucking insane if u ask me.
  8. N7Zero


    long term, play server 1. arma 3 is a dead game and olympus gonna die along with server 3 and server 2 (in the future depending on if @Ryan gonna fuck up again ) so if u wanna invest in some houses then stay on S1 if ur here to clap some cheeks go server 2, lots of Tree rats and they are fucking ass CHEEKS like on another level.. @Orgondo what have u done with ur gang..
  9. new steam UI :kreygasm:

  10. Google chrome for Twitch's BTTV and Firefox if im doing assignments involving 20+ tabs (firefox more efficient on workload)
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