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  1. N7Zero

    @majestic @Zahzi better step up ur game.
  2. https://gyazo.com/3422cc3edc9356cc51016a85d8baeee4 @Buffalo Bill
  3. N7Zero

    what are u talking about? all the admins are like god tier players! (pls unban me)
  4. N7Zero

    if u wont let me watch netflix, i wont let u watch anything!
  5. N7Zero

    Peter Schlong. The only nigga to host gang wars.
  6. N7Zero

  7. N7Zero

    Evlawn blink twice if u are in danger!
  8. N7Zero

    *takes his shit hat off*
  9. N7Zero

    na its deaded.
  10. N7Zero

    i didnt ask for ur opinion, stfu.
  11. N7Zero

    to the people who dont know @DeadPool. this is a picture of him
  12. N7Zero

    i like how this topic went from "olympus steam group" to Google vs Trident..
  13. N7Zero

    if i become staff i would spawn myself free money to buy Ghawks and armed hurons.. im not @ who but hopefully u know who u are
  14. N7Zero

    here is a new feature: bounty hunter must choose 5 players on the wanted list (this is chosen at police HQ), once they have tazed and restrained a player on their "target list" they are able to send the player to jail and earn the reward. If they taze and restrain a player that is NOT on the "target list" then they cannot send the person straight to jail. everytime they send a person to jail 1 slot opens again so if you send 2 people on the list to jail then they can choose 2 other players on the wanted list to the "target list" if the "restrained player" combat logs and NOT on your "target list" you will still get the money. however if he IS on your "target list" you will get the reward and an open slot. for every vigi teir the "target list" slot will be increased by 5 so at tier 3, the vigi can pick up to 15 wanted players on their "list" The vigi will not have access to the wanted list so the only way they will know is by checking it at police HQ. The vigi can remove players off their "target list" but they must pay a fee (e.g. 50k) A vigi can taze and restrain a random person take them to police HQ and check whether this said person has a bounty. if they have a bounty higher than 75k they can put him on the "target list" and send his ass to jail (at vigi outpost). this is just an idea i thought on the top of my head so it could be improved but hopefully this will give an idea instead of u lil shits crying about it on the forums.
  15. N7Zero

    ExpressVPN was nice, i could watch NA TV shows, too bad i cant watch it while doing my runs cuz the ni..... @Dante didnt allow it. "We are not whitelisting you for your netflix needs. Bruh. No." -Dante 2018

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