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  1. o7 to the realest OG who snorted coke on stream, you know who u are :Kappa:

  2. N7Zero

    @Hadi Mokdad from all your pics i see you are doing well being an arms dealer for ISIS.
  3. N7Zero

    with all due respect to the devs but at this rate i dont see HQ takeovers gonna be implemented till next year.. ETA on removing quilins???????? (and implement this months donation reward)
  4. N7Zero

    if i delete these 2 files will it fuck up my games?
  5. N7Zero

    remove vans at feds or allow us the right to blow them up.
  6. N7Zero

    bring back Boonk Gang and unperm my boy @Ludde we bullied cops 24/7 boonk gang whole lotta gang shit
  7. N7Zero

    thats literally what prime did and that worked out to their favor but it didnt help the other gangs
  8. N7Zero

    exactly, place the BW HQ further away, i can see droids lining up for another push!
  9. N7Zero

    u act like we dont want to do a BW.. majority of the time we head to BW all the walls are knocked down by ur droids. not to mention the gear in there is shit.
  10. N7Zero

    becuz @rp slayer
  11. N7Zero

    Damn u act like were all @rp slayer knowing our "surroundings" besides, where is @Haiwood when he can work his magic on these cop orcas/ghawks
  12. N7Zero

    what i dont understand is why u need 3 players to restrain a cop. IMO you should revert it to how it was, u taze a cop u can restrain him. None of this shit where u need 2 slave niggas following u around just to get cop loadouts.. this picture above represents me when i taze a cops..
  13. N7Zero

  14. N7Zero

    to make u feel better, i failed the first question. never have i ever got moved out of the channel so quick in my life.

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