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  1. N7Zero

    im a broke asian boy paid minimum wage working in a factory.. please buy me one of these games so i can find the little motivation to live. https://store.steampowered.com/wishlist/profiles/76561198125433358/
  2. N7Zero

    yeh and urs is being born stfu retard
  3. N7Zero

    fuck minecraft Rust is better!
  4. N7Zero

    OMEGALUL minecraft in 2018.. oh wait im playing Arma 3..
  5. @Ignis can we add this emote for whenever i see another level of cringe..

    Image result for forseny

    1. Gf.
    2. Caramel Coca

      Caramel Coca

      longer i look at it, the more uncomfortable i get for some reason

  6. N7Zero

    @Fake Grandma is this true?
  7. Everyone come and persuade this crackhead to play olympus!

    @Peter Long it would be good for networking :bender-dance:


  8. @Peter Long update the server u cunt!

  9. this is me when i get clapped by a hacker..

    1. HyperGoat


      you monkey*

  10. N7Zero

    @Zahzi be spawning goats again.... @Borax
  11. dood r u a robot cuz ur name sounds like a robot name!!!

    1. N7Zero


      u smoking a fat doink?


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